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Are hoverboards dangerous to ride?

Are hoverboards dangerous to ride? The question arises in our head when we are all set to purchase a brand new hoverboard. The hoverboard has been one of the best entertainment toys in recent years.

The self-balancing scooter has seen new highs at the end of 2015. The vehicle witness immediate success, which allowed some non-registered companies to come up with poor-quality rendering products.

Especially in China, dozens of non-registered companies were functioning- manufacturing self-balancing devices without any consumer safety guidelines complying.

The first incident of hoverboard erupting fire surfaces in 2016 in the USA. The video went viral on social media, and in a moment of time, the device saw the lowest low.

Within days millions of the devices were recalled, hundreds of kids shown in emergency hospital rooms, with severe injuries and bruises. So, the question really matters, Are the device really safe for our kids.

Have a standard procedure of safety standards have been made for them? Are the devices really working hard to produce better safety standards holding devices?

Let’s unwrap this and see what the brands are working on, or had worked, and could we purchase them now?

How could we learn the hoverboards are safe or not?

Safety is more important than entertainment. Hundreds of hoverboards caught fire during 2015 Christmas, and the government has to come up with a video message, “Stop using hoverboard immediately”. But, now it seems all safety standards and checks have been met by the newly designed hoverboards.

In 2016 Consumer Product Safety Commission took an action and made the producers and manufacturers to get UL 2272 Certificates. The safety standards have been made compulsory for them to meet and follow.

Before purchasing a new hoverboard, make sure the brand holds a UL 2272 certificate. If it holds, it means, all checks and scans have been taken. And the device falls on the standards made by the CPSC.

Before a company makes its ways to market, UL 2272 certificate is must to have a certificate. The certificate is released after the device is checked and tested. The safety and standards tests check whether the devices have been integrated with the latest designed international standards meeting lithium-ion batteries or not.

Because, previously, the catching fire incidents were just because of the local batteries heat-up and burn out in flares.

Are hoverboards dangerous to ride now?

Is a hoverboard dangerous to ride now? The answer is simple “No”. After these tests, the batteries of the hoverboards were replaced by good and quality ones. The faulty design issues have been attended. There are other safety standards what you need to look upon before going to purchase a hoverboard.

You can purchase after checking the device holds a UL 2272 certificates. If you see the brand does not have it, do not go with them.

These are some other safety standards you need to look upon while purchasing a hoverboard.

Choose a branded name:

To ensure the quality of the products, you need to opt-with a reputable brand name. The marketplace is over-crowded with dozens of brands and hundreds of different products. When you have to toss-upon between a novice and a reputable brand, always go with a reputable name.

Some of the renowned names of the hoverboards name are Swagtron, Jetson, Street Saw, and Power board. It would be ideal if you could out and physically see the hoverboard before purchasing it. If not, they must go with a renowned brand such as Amazon, as they provide content direct from the manufacturer.

And you know, the brand product always comes at a price, so spend some extra bucks in getting an expensive and reliable hoverboard.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions:

Always comply with the manufacturer’s direction. The guidelines make you learn what should be the right directions to get them in use. Go over with your kids, and make them realized that can get injured if they do not use the guidelines.

One of the most important things will be to review the battery and charging/storing the hoverboard.

Make sure that hoverboard does not store any material that could catch fire and ignite.

Charge your scooter before 2-3 hours of actually using it. And do not charge the scooter more than 4 continuous hours. After the battery is fully charged, the scooter is the least vulnerable to catch fire.

You must always wear the proper safety gear. You can check the number of videos on YouTube how the scooters malfunction and make people get injured.

Keep them away from flammable stuff:

Always keep them away from flammable materials. You need not take them near anything such as fire and other things. You should always take care of the batteries and it’s charging. I have mentioned it again that, the overcharging can make your battery malfunction.

You would know the real reasons behind why hoverboard catches fire? So, look for the best brands and see they must not integrate with cheap batteries.

Calibrate your toy:

Calibration is a critical stage to prevent them from shaking and falling off. Calibration takes a few minutes of your time, but it ensures that it has become safe and secure than before.

If your child is under 50-pound, the hoverboard cannot be a good device to be ridden for the kid. You need to know that hoverboards are designed to be ridden by the users who are 50-220 pounds. A child under 50 pounds is not enough weighted to control the scooter properly.

Get on and off the scooter correctly:

A new user would never know how to ride on and off the scooter correctly. You need to know the right method to do so; otherwise, you may fall off from it. Always take a step ahead before riding on it. The foot should be placed in a way that the toes and heels hanging off the center equally.

Put pressure on the toes to take it onward, and on the heels to take it otherwise.

Speed is a risk:

Over speeding or going on speed what you cannot control is the basic reasons why you fall off or get indulge in an accident. Kids often reach full-throttle when they find something like this. A velocity expensive hoverboard can cause a problem for novice users. They can make thing worse and put themselves and others in harm.

Also, check the maximum speed of the self-balancing scooter, if it is a cheap hoverboard, it would not go beyond 6-7 mph.

Final Thought:

If you are speaking as of now, hoverboards are safe to ride. I think you have gotten the answer to the question, “Are hoverboards dangerous to ride“. While purchasing a hoverboard, must look safety features, and opt-with a durable hoverboard compare to falling for aesthetics. This is the power and other features what takes your hoverboard experience to the next level, not aesthetics.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Are hoverboards dangerous to ride. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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