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best cheap hoverboards to buy

Are you looking for the best cheap hoverboards to buy? It is extremely hard to figure out which brand to go with. About dozens of brands are competing in the field of self-balancing devices.

They all look the same with identical features. But, you need to look carefully to choose out one best among hundreds.

The hoverboard has seen a new boost recently. The entertainment industry is taking leaps so as a self-balancing electric scooter.

Here we are going to provide you with the list of best cheap hoverboard to buy with top features.

These are the cheap hoverboard you can find around. I must say, the cheap should not be taken in the way that the quality is compromised. The quality of the product is par the best level at this price range. Each product has been enlisted after beholding reviews, ratings and reading comments. Each product list is a serious contender and has offered great value to the users.

The enlisted products can be used by kids and adults equally. You are going to spend a few bucks and going to get massive entertainment onboard. Let’s dive into it and see what are these products and their specifications.

Comparison Table of best cheap hoverboards to buy

Hoverboard Name Certification Features price
Felimoda Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, Fast Charging, 9mph speed view
TOMOLOO hoverboard UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, Fast charging  9.3 mph speed view
OXA Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, Fast charging  7.5 mph speed view
Razor Hovertrax  2.0 UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, Fast charging  8mph speed view
VEVELINE Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, Fast charging  9+ mph speed view

Uses of Hoverboard

  • Hoverboards are the finest traveling companion. Go-out riding on it and explore the deepest and innermost area what you cannot imagine going on bike or car.
  • The mini-scooters are environmentally friendly. They do not expel gases or burn petrol which harms the overall environment. The safest traveling you can have with them.
  • They are the inexpensive traveling gadgets would not cost your arms and legs yet offers splendid exploring experience.
  • You are not required to do special arrangements to ride on them. Put your feet on the platform and have a smooth ride.
  • For reluctant drivers, the self-balancing scooter is something exceptional. Easily ride on it and pass by the coffee shops, basketball courts, and library.
  • They are equally helpful to explore the terrain lands as well as terrain lands.
  • You can explore your surrounding in a style using different speed modes.

Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboards with LED Light and Carrying Case

Felimoda is not a novice brand in the world of self-scooters. This brand has earned a unique place in the world of self-balancing devices, one of the top-ranked brands, one of the best cheap hoverboards to buy in 2019. If you are looking for something exceptional in reasonable rates, go with Felimoda hoverboard.

The product features cutting-edge technology and offers exquisite value. Easy to ride on and quite impressive in the safe side, this is the ideal pick for the immatures to go outside and explore the surrounding. The self-balancing device comes with a charger and it has been tested for its performance.

If you are a music freak who cannot go out without earbuds. This is the product for you, immersive for the music listeners. This has been built with wireless speakers and one can listen to music quite easily. Just connect it to the portable device and enjoy your favorite playlist without any hiccup. This has been integrated with sturdy sound components and one of the coolest hoverboards to pick.

The wheels of the Felimoda self-balancing scooter flashes automatically. This makes you stand out in the massive crowd. This unique feature sweeps the other from the root. The flashy lights come handy when you go out in the dark nights. The lights use as a signal and it adds a core component for the safety.

The lightweight product is quite impeccable in design as well. The aesthetic looks immersion with splendid performance makes it a fine choice. If you want something sturdy, with powerful rugged tires, opt with Felimoda.

The powerful motor generates enormous power to run this on off-road. You can have this gadget to travel at the speed of 9MPH. This is quite a speed under the price tag and other immersive features.

Felimoda self-balancing device is suitable for all weights, from 20KG kid to 120KG father.

Quick Features:


This product holds all necessary UK and EU safety standard which ensures it a safe ride.

Flexible weight:

Felimoda renders flexible weight capacity. It can bear a bulky father to a skinny kid with zero hiccups.

Fast recharge:

The self-balancing gadget takes 3 hours to reach full throttle in charging and offers 20KM range in one charging.

LED Lights:

The front LED lights add great aesthetics. In nights one can use them for a signal. A great safety measure to go out while in nights.

One year warranty:

The brand backs it for complete one year. Any damage to the self-balancing hoverboard will be reparable.


  • Impeccable LED lights
  • A Comfortable Ride
  • Inexpensive gadget


  • Render minimal range


This is one of the most used hoverboards around the world. This is ranked the top online hoverboard under best cheap hoverboards to buy. I have never such a wide range of features compacted in one product. This hoverboard is among our favorite choice and you see a flood of people reviewing positive regarding this product.

The product features the highest safety international standard among all of the featured products.

The product is certified by many international safety departments and holds all clearance from them. Even the components of it such as the battery, motor, and others are certified as well.

You see great aesthetics rendering in the product. It is very interesting to witness a hoverboard manufacturing on the pattern of the iPhone. The brand follows the same guidelines while manufacturing as Apple follows to assemble iPhones. This is the only reason the product is highly durable and temperature resistance. All standards were met while putting this product forth and you see a firmness and sturdiness here.

The product features a lithium-ion battery. The battery stores enough electrical power to take the hoverboard for hours on the road. You can have this product outside and takes up to 9.3 miles of range with one battery charging. The battery is even designed to produce the highest performance joining hands with the 1200 watts of power.

The brand has taken serious consideration in keeping the battery health safe. It comes with a health management system. This system keeps close eyes on the battery health and notifies you if something is taking the battery down.

For music lovers, this is one stop shop. This embedded with highest quality music gadgets and LED lights. The LED lights synchronized change the rhythm of the music. The lightweight self-balancing device is something you must value.

The product comes with a one year warranty. The warranty withstands with every component of it such as the controller of battery, wheel hub motor, etc. If you face any problem in any of the major components, you can claim a new gadget.

Connect your mobile phone with the Bluetooth available and play the favorite playlist. The highest quality speaker will entertain you while riding on.

The hoverboard is water resistant and takes you through the water without any worries.

Quick features:

Music Rhythm: The music rhythm with the LED lights showcases a mesmerizing moment.

Short circuit protection: Another exciting feature, to save your product, the short circuit protection is rendered.

Balance protection:

Tomoloo hoverboard offers something exception in case of balance protection. The weight ranges up to 220lbs with zero hiccups.

Temperature protection: This extremely cheap hoverboard comes with temperature protected the outer shell. This makes its temperature protected. Even the high fire flames cannot damage its core components:

Overcharge protection: This cheap hoverboard houses a charging protection system. This system enables it to stop the overcharging and do important things to take care of the battery.


  • Water resistant
  • An impeccable various protection system
  • Dual 5-Watt Hi-Fi speaker system
  • Bluetooth rhythm with the LED lights
  • Temperature resistance


No at this price range

OXA Hoverboard

If you really want something out of the box with state-of-the-art technology embedded features, directly jump to the product. The OXA hoverboard houses learning mode for beginners. The self-balancing electrical device is an awesome addition to the list. Especially, witnessing a product like this under cheap hoverboard line-up. The hoverboard features an appealing design, good color combination, and a hands-down transporter. You can rely on this for long-traveling without much worrying about the battery.

The OXA hoverboard is the kid’s best choice. This is one of the most selling products under the hoverboard category on Amazon. Even, adult love to have this personal transporter to browse down the surrounding.

This gadgetry houses many cutting edge functions and speed modes. For newbies who want to explore and spend time on learning, find this gadget helpful.

The weight capacity also has been enhanced. This personal transporting device can take up to 330lbs weight. Equally helpful for adults and kids, anyone can ride on it with zero hiccups.

The top speed of the machine may not be matching to the other contender. Still, 8KM is something we prefer while riding on it. If you wish to explore the un-terrain lands and surfaces, have it along with you. This will help you to get on the slopes and will save lots of your time in the end.

This hoverboard makes the maximum distance in normal road conditions. The smooth roads are meant to dry surfaces. You get the machine running for 12KM with one charging.

Quick Features:


The model features UL 2272 AND ul2271 certification and holds safety certificates

Learning mode: The gadget is something valuable for the kids. This helps them learn the different modes and getting the balance right using this.

Weight capacity:

The self-balancing scooter features maximum weight capacity up to 330lbs equal to 150KG.

Weight system:

This device precisely measures the change in weight. Automatically level it for an equal amount, for a smoother ride.


  • Affordable pick
  • Immersive design
  • Easy to control and use
  • Fine distance range


  • Absence of App controller
  • No built-in speaker system

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor is one of the leading companies out there. This brand is competing in the toughest niche in the market. The brand only means the business and has been producing the finest products.

The Razor Hovertrax hoverboard is proclaimed by the smartest one. You will find the machine meets the highest safety standard. The brand holds UL2272 certification along with other safety measurements. The razor hoverboard houses two 350-watt motor. The dual-motor produces enormous speed to reach up to 8 miles per hour. The product can run constantly for 69 minutes without any hiccup.

You see the gadget features an LED power indicator. This indicator helps you learn the battery percentage. The LED lights also boast other lighting effects. In nights when you are out to explore the surrounding, the LED lights showcase signal.

The razor front-runner features two kinds of modes. This helps your kids to rid-on and use this for training and learning purposes. I am quite impressed with the overall design of it, showcase immersive look.

If you really mean the smooth riding, opt-with this gadget. This is an easy mounting self-balancing scooter what detects the weight automatically. This helps the machine to go out on a smoother ride. The safe and smooth ride is paramount for an over-weight contender.

The Razor hoverboard houses 36V lithium-ion battery, with the anti-rubber feature.

The product is fine-tuned whether you take it indoor or outdoor. This features advanced technology, once you learn how to ride, it becomes the second nature to you. The machine features a dual hub motor which is quite silent and would not disrupt the environment.

Quick features:

State of the art technology:

The exceptional engineered product renders impressive state-of-the-art self-balancing on every ride. The LED light bar, LED battery monitor and Fender bumpers are cherry on the cake.

The perfect ride:

Whether you want a ride in-door or planning to a friend’s place, this offers hands-down performance. The hoverboard frame is made of a polymer frame, which makes the tires anti-slip.


The hoverboard features 360-watt dual motor with a run time up to 60 minutes.

Riding mode:

The razor product garners two modes one for the training purpose and other for the normal user.


  • EverBalance latest technology what fills the bills even for over-weight people
  • A perfect self-balancing gadget to ride on
  • Impressive new LED lights with blue power indicator
  • Extra-large foot platform
  • 350-Watt dual motor


  • Not a great pick for rough surfaces
  • Absence of Bluetooth

VEVELINE Hoverboard

If you are planning to present a gift to someone very close to you, this hoverboard is one stop shop. From top to bottom this inexpensive hoverboard features perfect components. This is easy to learn a gadget. The weight limitations are quite wider, from 44lbs TO 220lbs. You must present this as a gift to someone who loves this kind of toys. This will make the person’s day, as having something close to the heart signifies the pleasant.

The flashing LED lights will help you stay safe even in dark. One can use them as signal while stepping out in nights. The LED color of the hoverboard perfectly matches the overall hoverboard color. The matching aesthetics will add splendid bells and whistles for someone is a color enthusiast.

The headlight placed ensures you see the path and notice every angle. You can have your favorite playlist onboard while riding. The Bluetooth embedded help you to listen to music, as it houses quality speakers.

The brand behind manufacturing this one of the best cheap hoverboards to buy proclaims it as one of the most durable product. The durability and safety can be gauge witnessing the sturdiness of the tire. The hoverboard features 6.5 inches rubber tires ensure enhanced durability. You will enjoy the smoothest ride ever having this hoverboard board. The product has been passed through the strict electrical tests and meets UL2272 international standard of consumer’s safety.

The machine garners the perfect quickest learning system. The auto-balancing feature of it stands out in the crowd. You just put your foot on the board and see how this manages the weight momentarily. This is impressively easy to handle and takes a few minutes to learn to ride. This can go up to 9 miles per hour and ensure 44lbs to 260lbs weight.

Quick Features:

Auto Balance System:

You would not feel even a single hiccup. The auto balance system embedded in it performs its tasks quite impressively. This automatically balances the weight and tunes the performance accordingly.

Two modes:

The hoverboard features two basic modes. One for the normal users and the second for the learning purpose. The learning mode helps you to get out for learning purposes.

LED lights:

The electric scooter houses a headlight to illuminate the path. This ensures every angle in the path. The LED lights, on the other hand, fit the bills in nights; it uses to showcase the signals.

Speed Range:

This dual motor hoverboard can reach up to 9 miles per hours speed. This features powerful 36V Lion battery what charges quickly.


  • Awesome design
  • Inexpensive gadget
  • Dual 300-Watt motor


  • The speaker quality is poor
  • Cannot go smooth on rough surfaces

Final thought:

We showcased the top 5 best cheap hoverboards to buy in 2019 available on Amazon. We hope you already have chosen the best as per your needs and requisite. Go further, and purchase it today.

If you are not coming up at the final decision of which product to buy. We have listed the top companies doing business in the world. The Hoverboard listed here is certified and made of sturdy built. They are reliable and can fill the bills quite easily.

There are many features what one must look for while buying a hoverboard. Among them, LED lighting has become the core component. The Bluetooth add-on with the music is something exceptional. You must look for the mentioned specification and function while purchasing the best cheap hoverboard.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the best cheap hoverboards to buy. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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