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Best Hoverboard shoes to buy in 2019

Riding on a hoverboard is a mesmerizing experience. Gathered at a place, running around with friends and showing-off their hoverboard riding skills is something memorable. The self-balancing scooter has reshaped the meaning of exploring. The best Hoverboard Shoes to buy in 2019 can make your experience of exploration above the roof.

People use to walk around in groups and explore countryside areas or on bikes. Now, you would see every other kid riding and hovering on a hoverboard. The integration of just one more tool would be the icing on the cake.

The hoverboard shoes are designed specifically to be worn while riding a hoverboard. They come equipped with special features such as LED light in the sole, light-weighted, unique design and much more.

If you have used hoverboard shoes you would know how they are different from the normal day to day shoes. If you have not, then you must gather the experience of riding on a hoverboard wearing hoverboard dedicated shoes.

Best Hoverboard Shoes to buy in 2019 [Detailed Guide]

Purchasing hoverboard specific shoes is difficult. I cannot think of more than a few brands designing those shoes. When I was up to purchase them, it was quite a task. It took days to finally come across some dedicated hoverboard shoes. So, these are some shoes, you can have while riding on a hoverboard.

If you do not want to purchase from the list, make sure to follow the basic guidelines of purchasing shoes for hoverboard riding.

Odema Unisex LED Shoes

Having likable things is more than exciting. Wearing hoverboard specific shoes is more than exciting, and when it comes under budget, things become more enjoyable. The Odema Unisex LED Light Shoes is our top-choice of the shoes. The best thing about it is its design.

It may not look like premium shoes, showcase a minimal look but adorned with amazing features to lure on. The shoes are not made of original leather, but PU leather gives a superb finishing better than the real leather and lowers down the price as well.

I am a big fan of PU leather, as it gives a shiny look to the shoes which cannot be obtained using original leather.

The shoes come pre-installed LED lights in the sole. You see pre-installed various different colors lights which give your shoes a vibrant look. The shoes can be worn up to the ankle and the switch control enables you to switch on the lights whenever wanted.

You can choose colors from 7 different colors, from solid-colors to alternating colors with the help of a switch.

The pair also features a USB port. You can connect the shoe with your laptop or mobile phone. The lights take power from a small battery, a rechargeable battery. The charging point comes pre-installed in the inner-size would not render any discomfort while charging it on.

Slipping becomes hard to nail an issue. For many of my friends, slipping shoes really impact a lot to the performance. You cannot give your input, thus lead to frustration. The Odema LED shoe sole is no slippery, which makes them safe, easy to use and comfortable on the ride.

You can have the pair for even running, biking and performing other days to day tasks without being cautious. The pair is soft; make you feel the hoverboard riding a whole level new experience.

Key features:

LED Lights:

The pair comes pre-installed 7 different colors lights which display an impeccable vibrant experience

Unisex Design:

The shoes are perfect for casual using, biking and others

One-inch heal:

The shoe features one-inch heal size, with battery and USB-port to connect it to electronics gadget

Non-slippery design:

The sole of the shoes is designed non-slipper. The user will have not to worry about slipping.


  • Cool design
  • Vibrant LED lights colors
  • Can be used casually
  • Sturdy built
  • Affordable


  • The charging drain so fast
  • The lights sometimes stop working suddenly

Sanyes USB Charging Light up Shoes

Sanyes USB charging shoes showcase a cool design. You are investing in casual sneakers and Hoverboard shoes. The shoes are made of real leather and display rubber sole. The LED lights installed in the sole enlighten the surrounding whenever you switch it on.

The LED lights button is hidden inside shoes, near the USB port. Press the red button on the light, again press the red button to change the light as per your ambiance.

The switch three is designed to turn off the LED lights whenever you want. The pair comes pre-installed with a battery. The battery can take power from electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers if you want. The USB port installed inside of the shoes makes the charging seamless.

The snake shoes made of pure leather are very comfortable to wear. The unique design of the shoes makes something entirely different when you go out in the crowd. People certainly notice the shoes and when you are riding on a hoverboard, the ratio increases.

The LED lights are durable, would not damage even for an entire year.

The shoes are made of high-quality leather and rubber sole, still, the price would not touch the high-skies. You get the shoes onboard at the cheap price range.

Key Features:

LED lights:

The pair comes with pre-installed 12-different LED lights. The color of the lights can be chosen using the same red switch. Just continue pressing it to change the color.

Rubber Sole:

The rubber soles emit lights more than others. In nights, it enlightens the near surrounding

Sober design:

The shoes display an impressive design. You would love to wear something cool. The shoes fill the bill for casual as well as Hoverboard shoes.

Affordable price:

Even featuring pure leather and a wide range of LED lights, the shoes do not cost arms and legs and come at a cheap price range.


  • Affordable
  • Cool shoes
  • 12-LED lights
  • A USB port for charging with mobile or computers


  • Charging takes hours
  • Not enough sturdy for running and biking

MOHEM ShinyNight High Top LED Shoes

Do you know the coolest part of having this pair? This comes in a wide array of colors. You can choose your favorite color and fulfill your aesthetic sense. The design of the shoe is cool as well.

You can wear them for casual; mostly groom every outfit you wear. The pair is made of pure leather, the sole is of rubber. The sole designing makes it good for any activity, including dancing, running and walking. The price as well would not haunt you; it comes in hand at a minimal price you can afford.

The Mohem Shiny Night LED shoes to feature vibrant LED lights. It takes power from the battery, which is placed inside of it. You can charge the battery using mobile phones, computer and direct from the power supply.

The USB port also installed inside of the shoe, with the power button. By pressing the power button, you can change the color of the lights as well.

The shoes are showcased on Amazon recently, have not purchased by many users now. Offline shoes have garnered much reputation and ideal for wearing for long-hours due to the extra comfort they render.

The shoes feature a remote controller. The remote controller gives you easy access to on/of LED lights and changing the colors of the lights. The extra padding added provides extra comfort, and you get this house packed of dozens of features in a minimal price range.


Pure Leather:

You would not believe the shoes are made of genuine leather. This adds extra durability and performance to the shoes.

Wide color options:

The shoes feature a wide range of color options. The users can have the desired color, and get their aesthetic sense fulfilled.

Remote control:

The advanced remote control feature addition gives you eas to control the LED lights. The lights can be changed using the controller as well as on/off.

Extra padding:

The enhanced padding renders extra comfort. The shoes can be used for prolonged hours without getting any discomfort.


  • Comes in wide color range
  • Ideal for running, walking and casual using as well
  • Sober design
  • Remote controlling
  • Long-lasting LED lights


  • Should have come in different sizes
  • The charging takes hours to reach full potential

Joansam 7 Colors LED Luminous Unisex Sneakers Men & Women

Without any shadow of a doubt, cotton made products including shoes attracts a wide array of people. The render extra comfort, less-odor and adds to the durability. The mentioned shoe pair is something akin to that.

This comes in cotton content, premium genuine fresh breathable net cloth with rubber sole added with LED lights. The shoes are also known with a famous 7-color LED light featuring shoes. The LED lights switches are conveniently hidden beside the charging port.

You would not even notice the addition of a USB port, button and etc. They are added with such a way that users do not feel anything over there.

When you ride on a hoverboard, wearing Joansam Hoverboard shoes, you get a mesmerizing feeling. Your friends would be attracted to the impeccable ambiance of the shoe’s LED lights along with the hoverboard LED lights.

The design of the shoe is what makes it entirely a unique pair. This is the super-comfort ness and cotton blend what makes it one of the viable options to go with. The switch inside the shoe is easily controllable, the lighting option changes immediately as per your command.

You can put the shoes in stand-by mode to use a default color LED lights, or keep on changing the color switching the color changing mode.

Key Features:

7-Color LED Lights:

The shoes feature 7 different colors of LED lights, two modes of LED lights, default mode and changing mode.

Easy to charge:

The shoes add a great charging mechanism. You can charge your shoe easily without any big hiccup. Connect it with your mobile phone using USB port or computer to get instant power even.

Breathable cotton:

The shoe is made of breathable net cotton which adds to the great comfort.


  • Dual-tone design
  • Sober styling
  • Cotton blend breathable upper
  • Color changing and default mode


  • No kid size

LeoVera Unisex LED Shoes

These days paint splatter print is taking the world by storm in the Shoe industry. People are more into purchasing akin designed shoes.

The LeoVera Unisex LED shoes are something into Practical and sober-design. The pair is made of PU leather and rubber sole.

The knit fabric top and Non-ski rubber sole give an unimaginable look to the shoes. Ideal to wear for men and women and comes in different sizes as well.

The switch is placed beside the charging USB port. Just press the button and switch it on to get a mesmerizing scene, lights emitting through the sole of your shoes. Press the switch to change the color of the LED lights. The pair features 12-different colors of lights, keep the button pressing for 3 seconds to turn it off.

The battery integrated charges quickly. Unlike other LED shoe batteries which take hours to reach the full throttle. The shoe runs as long as 8-10 hours with LED lights on, in single charging.

This hoverboard shoe features a non-slipper sole, can be worn at different activities such as dancing, running, skiing and walking. The comfortable sole will not make you tired; it can be worn for prolonged hours.

Key Features:

Knit Fabric Top:

The pair is made of knit fabric top. The fabric content shares extended life-span and added comfort.

12-LED lights colors:

The pair comes equipped with a wide range of LED light colors. Keep the power button pressing on to change the light color, hold pressing for 3-seconds to turn it off.

Rubber Sole:

The shoe houses rubber sole, along with cotton fabric content. Both join hands into rendering extra comfort.

Sober Design:

The design of the pair fulfills your aesthetic sense. It displays an amazing scene when different colored lights emit from the rubber sole.


  • Unique and sober design
  • Durable
  • Unique LED LIGHTS of 12-colors
  • USB ports superbly design inside
  • Fast charging


  • The size should have been smaller than this, does not fit the kids

The Final Thought:

Being ready with all the required tools is imperative. It is a famous saying; this is better having but not needing it than needing but not having it.

It’s not necessary that you always wear Best Hoverboard Shoes in 2019. But, you need to have them, as on different occasions you may need them.

The shoes enlisted showcases impeccable sense. You would love to rotate having LED emitting lights wearing shoes around your friends gazing at your shoes. It becomes sometimes important to have a good hoverboard shoe than a good Hoverboard itself.

The listed shoes as per our research are best in town and come in an affordable price range. You can check their features, extras, pros, and cons before giving it a final call.

I hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Best Hoverboard shoes to buy

if you have any queries related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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