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Best Hoverboards brands in 2019

Self-balancing scooters are trendy outdoor entertainment device. The device has garnered lots of reputations, applauds, and accolades. Even in 2019, the trends of hoverboards do not seem to lower down. I have been using one of the best hoverboards brands in 2019 for myself, and the device is full of enjoyment.

The electric scooter’s safety has always been a high risk for kids and adults alike. The catching fire and overheating incidents have made people conscious of safety. Worry not; consumer safety departments have put in place some safety regulations in 2016.

All hoverboards sold in the USA and around the world meet minimum safety requirements. Still, lots of Chinese companies are working around, and you may fall in the trap of a low-quality hoverboard brand. You must not fall for low-price, aesthetics, and Bells & whistles. The Cheap hoverboards what come in hand at a lower cost would ruin your experience in the long-run.

The article will focus on the Best Hoverboards brands in 2019 what you can rely on. The mentioned hoverboards are not only fallen right on every safety requirement but made of high-quality material and guarantee lifelong performance. So, do not roam around and stick to this guide.

Best Hoverboards brands in 2019 to buy:

We have chosen the mentioned brands after detailed research. We not only read reviews, check the performances and prices but focused on after-sales value. The recommendations are honest to our extent, and we try very hard to provide genuine reviews.

Segway miniPRO

Segway, one of the famous brands in manufacturing electric scooter, needs no introduction. The incredible line of personal transportation devices has made it easier to get around more comfortable than ever before.

MiniPro is an accurate representation of the brand and has helped the brand uplift even higher. The hoverboard comes with a free mobile application, connect with the phone, and manage settings. Control your device’s speed, music playlist, illuminations, and much more. Even track your device, to learn where your kids are roaming around.

The product holds UL 2272 safety certification; rest assured the brand is going to amaze you with the features, functions, and specifications. The product will enhance your entertainment experience exponentially and will make you fall in love with it.

One of the most reviewed personal transportation devices is one of the top-ranking products on Amazon. You can check the current ratings and reviews, and see how people around the globe are praising it.

Segway MiniPro reaches up to 10 mph speed with travel distance 14 miles in a single charging.

You would not be struggling in riding a hoverboard, at least not with MiniPro. It comes with a precision sensors and knee control bar to manufacture better than ever before.

The personal vehicle comes with an 800-Watt dual motor. The dual engineered engine allows you to go through all-terrain without any hiccup. The motor overcomes humps, slopes, and other everyday obstacles without sacrificing safety and stability.

Key Features:

800-W dual Engine:

It comes with a powerful 800-W motor. The motor produces enough power to make rider go through any obstacles that come to his ways.

10-mph Speed:

Though the speed might not be as high, still, if you see the stability, maneuverability, and safety, this exceeds expectations. Try not to exceed the limit; this may land you in big trouble.

Mobile application:

You will have a dedicated mobile app to keep tracks of mobility, speed, and other records. You will have a constant motion on your phone’s screen and other details.


  • One of the most acclaimed brands around the world
  • Unparalleled Stability and safety
  • Impeccable Engine power
  • Go through all obstacles without sacrificing stability


  • Expensive

Razor Hovertax Hoverboard

In the list of Best Hoverboards brands in 2019, the second spot is reserved for one of the most exceptional electronics product manufacturing line Hovertrax. The brand is active in the world of Hoverboard for quite a time and is considered a pioneer. It is one of the very few brands that never put down the quality.

Now, the product that we are reviewing is the second installment of the famous Hovertrax 1.0. The first installment of the unit reached new highs; even some Chinese companies started claiming their names to the products.

The self-balancing scooter comes with smartest and patented EverBalance technology. It is the only device that auto-levels the rider’s weight without any third-party assistance. Whether you are coasting, racing, or going anywhere else, you will always remain in balance.

The self-balancing speed offers eight mph speed, and make you ride for 60 continuous minutes without needing any battery backup.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 self-balancing scooter comes with 350-watt dual hub motors. The motor quickly gets a rider to run 8+ mph with a run time of 60 minutes. The batteries integrated into are safe and changeable. You can easily change out the 36V battery with LG brands cell on the go-to ride.

The product features a UL 22272 safety certificate to ensure the product meets the highest fire and electrical safety standards placed by the consumer safety department.

The device features LED lights, Battery LEDs to indicate charging level so that you aware of the current state of battery level.

In simple words, Razor Hovertrax offers exceptional quality safety service and style what you expect from a world-famous brand. There are other products out there in the market, but Razor is the only product manufactured by Hovertrax.

Key Features:

Quick battery change:

I love the battery change feature more than anything. You run short of battery, quickly change a battery pack, continuous riding experience without any worrying.

Affordable Price:

The product comes in hand in a lower price range compared to MiniPro; still showcase many amazing features and product value.

Safety comes first:

The products hold and meet the international safety guidelines and pass them with flying colors. It holds UL 2272 certificate, you can have an idea about the safety now.


  • Affordable price
  • Good speed range
  • Stability and mobility on the go


  • Does not come with extra features
  • No mobile app

EpikGo Sport Balance Scooter

If safety and stability are what you crave for, you must pick EpikGo product. The EpikGo Sport Balance Scooter comes with a 30% wider foot area. The bigger and broader hoverboard falls right your every criterion.

It is one of the top-selling brands on Amazon. It comes with powerful batteries, a standard charging system, an attractive electrical scooter design, and much more.

If you are searching for a birthday present for your 10-years old kid, opt-with one of the best Hoverboard brand in 2019, you will never regret it.

The uniquely designed self-balancing scooter comes with a ten mph speed limit. Even at ten mph speed, you ride like a pro with no instability or unsmooth ride.

The bigger sized wheels are the biggest attraction. You see 8.5 inches wheels are more prominent and smoother in the run, will offer you seamless riding experience even in rough patches including grass and mud.

The hoverboard is an excellent fit for a heavier rider.

I have seen very few Hoverboards to climb up instability and control, Epikgo Sport Electrical Vehicle is one of them. The unit can climb up to 18-degree and inclination, without falling off the rider.

The hoverboard integrates with 400-W dual motor, to provide excellent stability and riding experience.

Yes, one of the best brand products comes at a price. The product costs arms and legs, and the unit deserves the price. If you need a reliable hoverboard with seamless riding experience, do not go anywhere else, and have your hands on this product.

Key Features:

Higher Degree Slope:

The product holds the highest degree slope among enlisted products. The EpikGo unit features a 15-30 degree, including without any danger of falling. You would incline up to the mentioned degree, and explore surroundings.

Seamless riding experience:

EpikGo Sport scooter comes with bigger tire sizes. The tire size adds to the stability and comfortable riding experience.  Go through any land type without worrying much about where to go and how to go.

Bluetooth and LED lights

The unit comes equipped with Bluetooth to make you list your favorite classic songs on the go, and LED lights to illuminate your way ahead.


  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful motor
  • Go through grass, dirt, and gravel without any hiccup


  • Expensive

Final Thought:

That was a detailed guide to Best Hoverboards brands in 2019. You know purchasing a hoverboard in 2019 might not be difficult. Dozens of brands and hundreds are products come out of the shelf, but very few of them are safe and reliable. You just cannot have any product for your kid. It can be dangerous, as previous overheating and fire incidents have made people proactive.

So, have the best brand on board, and it comes at a price. The quality material used a powerful motor, batteries everything costs which accumulate to the total amount.

Have a read to the aforementioned product- look at their features, specs and other functions before giving a final shot to a product.

I hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Best Hoverboards brands

if you have any queries related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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