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Can hoverboards get wet?

Can hoverboards get wet? From day one, there has been a mystical bond between water and electricity.

The electricity at a larger extent is produced by water, still, both cannot mix. Just for the test drop your newly purchased iPhone in the water pool, or drop your iPods in the toilet.

You will be rushing around to protect the expensive gadget as you already know the consequences. Add another cool gadget to this list, hoverboard.

I have been witnessing the same questions repeatedly, can hoverboards get wet? Of course, they got wet. They are not designed to withstand bad weather, snow, and rain.

 If you could look deep down into the case of your expensive hoverboard, you would see the electronics motherboard.

The motherboard is made of electric circuits and if water reaches to this portion, your product vanishes away.

You need to follow the user manual if you come across such an accident and follow the same.

Let’s celebrate the topic farther and see at what extent the hoverboards get wet and if they are how can we protect them from further or permanently damaged?

Can a waterproof hoverboard get wet?

I have seen many manufacturers, the top-selling brand even, making false proclaims about their device water resistance level.

If you could see the protection code, the hoverboard device is not waterproof from the core.

The IP rating of the self-balancing scooters falls at IP52 which describe the devices are not meant to go in wet weather conditions.

So, even if you have purchased a reliable hoverboard with waterproof protection, you must not go out in such conditions.

If you were out from the home with a self-balancing scooter on a sunny day and during a ride you see it is going to rain heavily.

You need to put your hoverboard in your bag or at least stop riding on it.

When a hoverboard is turned-on, and you cross through a water puddle, it damages more than when it is turned off. 

If you have done this mistake and worried about your hoverboard. Whether it was damaged from the previous wet ride, you need to follow these instructions.

How to diagnose if hoverboard is wet?

Take your screwdriver and open the outer panel covering the motherboard. You need to see if there any amount of water stored in it or not. If not, but you are suspicious that the electric circuits were gone through the water puddle, follow the next.

  • Remove the battery:

This should be the first step after you are suspicious about the hoverboard health. You need to turn the device off and remove the battery. This is the best option to save your device from any further damage if you pull off the battery.

  • Rice trick:

I have seen in many YouTube videos whenever a person drops the smartphone in the pool or toilet, they put it in the rice jar. In first, I never believed this trick. But, once I got into the same problem and it really worked. From that day, I am convinced; the rice holds some magical power to save electronics gadgets from water damages.

First, clean the mud or water from the board or outer surface. Then try out the rice trick just once to save from the damage.

If you self-balancing scooter has been submerged in water or gone-through water puddle, put it in the water rice for at least 10-hours. Unplug the device and put it in the rice tub or anything along with Sensor boards, gyroscope, and other circuits. 

  • Clean out the outer surface:

The inside of the chassis or surface also at some extent holds wet. You need to dry out the outer and inner surface or chassis to fade-away the chances of catching wet again. Do not ignore the cable connection, power cord, and other locations. Use a paper towel and gently clean out all the areas mentioned.

Careful adjoin the pieces to their locations and power on the device to see if the experience was successful or not.

  • Pay special attention to the battery and motherboard

Battery and motherboards are the most essential component of a hoverboard. If the motherboard is water-damaged completely, the chances of the hoverboard back to life shrinks. Same goes to the battery.

If the battery also gets water-damaged, you will have to spend a good chunk to purchase a new pair. The battery is one of the expensive parts of a reliable hoverboard.

  • The hoverboard is not turning-on:

If you see the hoverboard is not turning on back to life, and water has reached to the inner-core of it, there are still hopes. You either can have installed new hoverboard parts or can follow the repair guides.

The Final Thought:

I have mentioned in details the hoverboards get wet if you cross them through water puddle. The also get water-damaged if you drop them in water pools for some minutes or hours.

As long as the down of the hoverboard is not touching or experience water splash, your scooter is safe.

I have mentioned how companies also proclaim their brands waterproof which is not in actual. They can face some sudden splash of water, not a complete submerge or heavy rainfall.

The hoverboards devices are not meant to ride on wet. You need not pull them out in such conditions, as long as you are convincing your parents to purchase you the most durable hoverboard.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Can hoverboards get wet. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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