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Can I ride my Hoverboard in the Rain?  A detailed guide

Electric scooters are a great source of joy. They take you around and you explore your surroundings. They take you different places and you enjoy your wilderness from the core. Some electric scooters can take you all kind of terrains and some are designed to go on smooth surfaces. The question is, Can I ride my hoverboard in the rain?

I have been searching for the answer on the web. I didn’t find any precise answer other than some useless articles bushing around. Today, I decided to come up with a detailed guide about the answer. Stick to this guide and read through the information on whether one can take the electric scooter in rain or not.

Is there any possibility that I could take my Hoverboard in the rain?

From day one, you know electricity and water do not mix. If you ever try to do it, you would not see the next day even the results of your experiment. I have seen many users proclaim that their devices are waterproof so that can take them along even in heavy rains.

Even if the Electric scooters are waterproof, it does not mean you can submerge the device into water. You cannot just put it in the pool, just to test it is waterproof or not. There are models which are waterproof, which means they are water resistant. They can resist water to some extent but not the full submersion.

For instance, you are out riding your water-resistant most reliable Hoverboard, and suddenly it began little drizzle. The self-balancing scooter would not get damaged from the little drizzle and you can continue the ride. Even if you continue to ride for hours, you most likely would not damage the hoverboard, nor its internal electronics circuits.

Now, if it began to rain harder, and the water starts forming a puddle, the water-proof (aka Water resistant) electric scooter would now be facing difficult times if you continue the ride. Especially, if you go through the water puddle, the water will get into the electronics and you could damage the entire circuit. So, the point is, if you are wished to continue the ride, even if it rains heavily, you must not go through the water-puddle.

The point is, the waterproof electric scooter is not designed to submerge in water. It is all right if you just go splashing the water through the small puddle. The device must not dip into the water puddle, or go into the deep water.

Riding hoverboard in the rain:

We have been discussing the waterproof self-balancing scooter. We have mentioned how water resistant electric scooter reacts when it rains. What about non-waterproof scooters? What should a rider do when suddenly it rains cats and dogs? Should he put the hoverboard in the bag and pull it up on the shoulder?

You need to learn how water could be affecting your hoverboard and its electronics components placed inside.

Poorly manufactured, low-grade and sub-standard electric scooters are simple to ride when it starts raining.

If you are riding a hoverboard in the rain, you need to beware that conditions become more difficult to go. Just like the way you cannot ride a bicycle or automobile. In rainy conditions, your electric scooter can be slipped leading falling you down. In slipper mud grounds, it becomes harder to manoeuvre or stop the scooter.

The hoverboards shells or plastic housing places with the electric component inside what operates the system. The housing or the case is not waterproof and if water reaches up to the electric components, the circuit can be lead to permanent damaged. The hoverboards are extremely sensitive and delicate to the wet or rainy conditions. So, you are not supposed to take them out in wet conditions like the way you do not wet your smartphones.

I took my hoverboard in heavy rains, what to do now?

I have seen people using gadgets without reading the user manual or FAQs section. You might have made the same mistake? Let it go accident happens, do not freak out. Now, if you have gone through the water puddle or have taken the scooter in heavy showers, it might have turned off right?

Is all hope lost now? Maybe or maybe not…!

Does it totally depend upon how wet you’re self-balancing scooter is?

  • First case:

If you have just taken it out, the hoverboard is waterproof and it did not get into any water like the way we mentioned, there are lots of hope you ride on it. You need to turn it off immediately and dry it out. 

You need not turn it on for the next 8-10 hours. It will work after completely drying. If you turn it on and getting no results you need to contact the manufacturer.

  • Second Case:

If you have been roaming around in water and wet conditions, nevertheless you get a most durable hoverboard. The hoverboard was completely submerged into water and has faced heavy showers, contacting the manufacturer as well would bring no results. Maybe the hover board’s board is completely burned because hoverboard electronics don’t much like water.

How to learn the water resistance of a hoverboard?

You can check the IP rating of the hoverboard to find the water resistance level. The IP rating of the hoverboards is IP52, which suggest the hoverboards are not completely waterproof. They are not designed to withstand bad weather, rain and snow conditions. They are not designed to muddy rainy grounds, cannot withstand water splashed from the underside.

  • If you have cross-through a water puddle and want to make your scooter safe, follow these guidelines
  • Wipe down the hoverboard using a dry cloth
  • Clean the charging port before attempting to charge the hoverboard
  • Store it in dry areas to dry it up for some hours
  • Fully charge the hoverboard before putting it in the storage

The Final Thought:

I conclude this article in a single line that would be “You must not try out riding your hoverboard in the rain”. You should not put your expensive hoverboard in danger.  These gadgets do not come at a low price you spend arms and legs in getting your hands onto them.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the Can I ride my hoverboard in the rain. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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