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Do Hoverboards Still Explode

Some toys, when they are introduced in the market they got popularity in no time Hoverboard is one of them. If you are interested in buying Hoverboard wait! Would you like to buy the Hoverboard that will blow up? Obviously not, before buying this toy you should know Do Hoverboards Still Explode?

I know when I said about Hoverboard explosion many people will search hoverboard that does not explode. So I’m here to guide you about its explosion.

Do Hoverboards Still Explode?

Perhaps you had heard about hoverboard blows up. No doubt, there are certain conditions in such case. Mostly explosion case comes in front when we use low-quality batteries.

There are many other companies which are manufacturing these stuff at a low price and low quality. First of all don’t compromise on quality over money, especially when it is about yourself.

A hoverboard that does not explode

This topic was on fire about last days after some incident of the explosion. This news is in the air since the 2014-15 when they were launched. Anyhow, blowing of the toy is related to the battery, that why it is not surprising for the hoverboard.

By the way, they used lithium batteries in it. The lithium-ion battery also uses in many other devices like mobiles, cameras, power tools, etc. This battery is not much different from others, means its electrons flow from anode to cathode like others. However, these batteries have the much-storing capacity as compared to others.

How lithium-ion Battery is different?

The lithium-ion battery is based on unique factors and a little bit different from other batteries as it is created by the flow of lithium ions. This is the most stable power battery in the market. That way, it is used in sensitive devices like mobile phone or cameras, etc.

Normally, batteries lose their energy (charging) too early but lithium-ion battery can store energy for the next four years.

However, storing of the charged battery can cause the dying of battery’s capacity or permanently damaging. Its more storing capacity and unique transformation make it different from others.

This not only prevents from overheating which not lead to catching fire but also can bear Havier weight. As we know the capacity of a battery also depends upon its usage.

Main factors of battery timing


Yes! Surface matter, if we are using it on the smooth and flat surface it’ll consume less energy and if we are using it on grassy, carpeted or sandy obviously it’ll consume more energy.


It is an interesting factor is “weight”. Battery timing also depends upon rider’s weight.


Battery timing also depends upon the temperature around the device. In too hot its energy level comes down early as compared to the normal temperature.


Battery timing also depends upon, that how we use the device. If we are using it smoothly not starting and stopping it again and again then it will work for a long time.

A hoverboard that does not blow up

After the great controversy on its explosion, many brands took serious action on it. And solved this issue as much they could, If you are asking do hoverboards still explode then answers is YES! But the number of explosion much lesser as compared to the past.

Those companies were banned from a famous site like Amazon etc. due to blowing up the issue. By the way, UL-2272 certification also makes lesser this issue.

AS we are not sure that which hoverboard is safe or not, just here we recommend you the brands who are manufacturing quality product. By the way, we are suggesting you after study and checking reviews.

  • App-Enabled SWAGTRON T580
  • GEO TRAX Hoverfly ECO Hoverboard
  • EPIKGO Sport
  • Swag Tron T1
  • Jetson V6 Hoverson XLS
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

What is UL- 2272 Certification?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), this is an organization that has been around for more than a century. Basically, UL is a world leader in product safety testing and certification.

Where UL 2272 Certification is especially for the hoverboards to manage its safety issue. When hoverboards introduced in the market at that time companies were selling hoverboard without any certifications and safety testing, which resulted in batteries explosions then this certification UL 2272 came in the market to solve such issues and hoverboard industry came back but with safety testing and clarifications.

Hoverboards blow up

No doubt, the hoverboard has the issue of the explosion but we can try to prevent hoverboard from blowing up. After the great controversy on its explosion, many brands took serious action on it. And solved this issue as much they could If you are asking explosion is still it’s the issue then answers is YES! But the number of explosion much lesser as compared to the past. Those companies were banned from a famous site like Amazon etc. due to blowing up an issue

How to prevent from the explosion?

  • In most cases, the explosion is due to a low-quality product. When we use low-quality components it does not settle down with the original device (component) and cause of out of order. As we mentioned up there about UL-2272 clarification, so must check the logo of Ul2272 on the product which you are buying.
  • Make sure that you are not overcharging the device. There is light on the device which indicates its charging level by the green and red light.
  • Try to use its original chargers, because different chargers have different capacities, voltage or current.
  • Don’t leave your device on charging the whole night.
  • Keep charging and using the Hoverboard, this keeps the battery in action and increase the battery life.
  • Prevent your hoverboard from falling and hitting. Try to use it on a flat and smooth surface.
  • Keep the hoverboard in moderate temperature to prevent its battery.

The reason for catching on fire

The main reason behind the explosion is the battery. As they have used Lithium-ion battery in it, which contain 4.02 volt of different cells. And consists of sensitive polyethylene sheets.

These sheets can be mirage or compromise in each other due to high temperature or overcharging. And here are chances of the short circuit, where even small short circuit can develop explosion.

Basically Overcharging also cause of disturbing moderate temperature of the device, or may cause of failure of the same components.

If your hoverboard is working perfectly, the battery is fine then your toy is much safe. But here is another factor Wiring, Yes! Faulty wiring may cause a spark which can lead your device to the explosion.

This may be the manufacturing fault but mostly it occurs when your device falls or hit badly.


As we discussed its main issue up there, I hope got wondering answers for Do Hoverboards Still Explode. The topic related to the explosion of a hoverboard is on fire these days is hoverboard that does not explode. Means people are quite familiar to this issue that’s why they are searching for the safe zone. That’s why today we discussed it in detail.

When this issue was in controversy manufacturer companies come in action, and took this matter seriously and worked on it. But still, this issue is retaining however in lesser. Here we also shared with your tip for preventing from explosion and factor on which explosion depends.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to hoverboard explosion. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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