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How many hoverboards have exploded?

As per the recent status, in 2015, up to 500,000 self-balancing scooters were recalled due to overheating and burning riders and damaging properties in the USA. About 99 reports were received to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the hoverboard regarding battery explosion and catching fire incidents. Do you know how many hoverboards have exploded in the total, and what are loses until now? Let’s see how many injuries have been reported, and how many property damages reports have been surfaced?

The hoverboards which do not actually hover had become the scariest device back in 2015. The device had received a thunderous response from the public and celebrities alike across the world. The most popular holiday gift after than in no time started catching fire.

An exploding self-scooter burned down an entire house in Louisiana, back in 2015. Another scooter combusted in the same state burned the furniture down to ashes. An electric scooter caused a significant damaged to the house in New York, and shoppers were forced to evacuate the house.

This was when the hoverboards were not regulated. Now, hoverboards are regulated and come under strict safety and security radar. You would not see any fire eruption incident after a ban in 2015 in the USA.

How many hoverboards have exploded from 2015-2019 [updated]:

In 2015, Hoverboards were one of the hottest Christmas Present. Every kid wanted from his parents to buy them a hoverboard to explore the nearby, as their friends have already bought one. This was the highest of the high demand for any product every received in European market other than iPhone. And on the other hand, the beginning of 2015 was nor lesser than an atomic bomb on the company’s manufacturing hoverboards.

As per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports at least 12 incidents of Exploding Hoverboards had been reported resulting destroying bedrooms and other properties.

In 2016, at least 60 exploding Hoverboard incidents were reported totally $2million in property damage.

The exploding hoverboards incidents reported in different circumstances. Some hoverboards caught fire while charging, some exploded while riding and some simply sitting near a coffee shop and shopping mall.

Other than the United States of America, about 20-30 incidents appear in total around the globe. In the United Kingdom, 6 incidents appear where electric scooter exploding forces the residents evacuating home. In Hong Kong, at least once the incident was cited.

We cannot accumulate the exact number of exploded hoverboards, but about 500,000 hoverboards were recalled by the Government officials in the shadow of catching fire incidents.

The scary part is no resembles was found in between various incidents. About all brands were cited to indulge such incidents, so banning all of them was good to go an option. About all Hoverboards at the time were coming from China; at least the label was of China.

What causes Hoverboard to explode?

The issue of hoverboard exploding had caught global attention back in 2016.The hoverboard catching fire has led injuries to many riders. The exploding incidents seem different and you cannot find a pattern in them. If the incidents had to be the same, the experts could have come with a subtle solution other than banning them.

We have been using hoverboards for our daily commutes. It is very effective personal transportation device. This is a small and light device one can carry around without any big hiccup. Instead of sticking into the traffic jams in big vehicles, one can simply go through, from one point to the other point.

This was the end of 2015 when Hoverboard became famous. The demand and supply balance could not be achieved; demand was touching the high skies, whereas suppliers were limited.

So, some fake companies started building sub-standard hoverboards with poor functioning batteries and wiring. Let’s see the prime culprits behind the exploding events.


The main reason for Hoverboard exploding and about 90 percent were exploded due to poor batteries. The batteries were the components catching fires around the world. The battery is an integral component in a Hoverboard, which powers motor to run. The battery such as 18650 lithium-ion batteries contains 4.20V sells in each.

A sheet of Polyethylene or Polypropylene separates the individual cells. The negative and positive charge is separated by the sheet. If the sheet is compromised due to overcharging or constant smashing, a short circuit occurs which leads up to the fire incidents.

This can happen in all batteries, rest aside the batteries inside the Hoverboards. In the less-expensive hoverboards, the separator is made of cheap material, vulnerable to the constant attacks and heats. It punctures and making the entire battery system explodes.

Poor wiring:

Though batteries are the primary source to explode a hoverboard, still, there are chances that poor or faulty wiring also has the potential to set them to fire. The faulty wiring can spark or explode the batteries. If the wires are exposed during the manufacturing process, they become more vulnerable and led to an exploding.

But, as per the latest reports, wiring plays a less role in causing a self-balancing scooter to explode.


If the hoverboards manufacturing do not come under the radar of the Consumer Safety Corporation department, and are manufacturing in bulk, it also leads to the exploding. Like, metal shaving lefts inside the device that grinds, or loose fitting also make the wiring short-circuit.

How to prevent Hoverboard from exploding:

First, the most reliable hoverboard cost a grand. If you do not have the capacity to spend as much, do not go for a cheap hoverboard what explodes.

  • Always purchase a branded product. The Hoverboard must be certified by the UL 2272. If you see the brand is not certified by the UL 2272, do not go for purchasing it.
  • Do not overcharge your hoverboard. Take as much time as it needs to reach full charging.
  • Know the weight and height limit of the hoverboard
  • Do not ride carelessly at high speed. Start with the slow speed at first and increase the pace when you are comfortable.
  • Develop the habit of charging the hoverboard before using it. Do not store up the battery as it is considered the worst practice.
  • Do not let the hoverboard to charge overnight. This is one of the main reasons for hoverboard exploding. Do not ever do this again, if you do not want your house burned down into ashes.
  • Purchase a UL 2272 certified charger. A safe charger plays a pivotal role in making your scooter safe and secure.

Final thought:

Hoverboard exploding is a serious issue. We mentioned in the post at which extent this can cause harm to your property and you. If you do not pay special attention to the mentioned precautions, you may fall off the incident.

Aside from the hoverboards exploding, if you do not wear on the safety gears or do not follow the guidelines, you can get other harms as accidents or sudden fall off as well.

So, we hope you got the answer to how many hoverboards have exploded until now.  If you have any other question raising heads in your mind, please feel free to pour your heart in comment section. We are always there to help you with the latest and most trendy answers.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the how many hoverboards have exploded. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

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