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How safe are hoverboards

If you are a great fan of hoverboards aka self-balancing scooters, you would know How safe are hoverboards and what happened with them back in 2015. Hoverboards came into the existence in early 2015, and within days, they were the most fun toy one can ever have.

Everyone was enjoying riding including kids, politicians, and celebrities. If you could check the actual numbers of purchase back in 2015-2016, the sales would not be lesser than millions.

Especially, Christmas 2015 was all about the hoverboards. Every kid was desperate to receive this as a gift, and at that time they were quite expensive. The question arises after the catching fire incident surfaces, How safe are hoverboards?

What was the problem?

There was a problem. The manufacturers were producing hoverboards without any regulations. Factories in China and Hong Kong were working like a dog, for meeting the numbers of orders.

They were using inferior quality stuff with cheap lithium batteries. The cheap generic lithium-ion batteries were the major risk of fire.

After the number of complaints regarding the product exploding or catching fire appears. The big shopping portals such as Amazon, eBay banned the sale of these products.

The market was on the knees, factories went shut down, entire hoverboard world doomed.

In late 2016, it looks the hoverboard world was dead. Buyers were seeking the refunds and seller quickly disappeared.

UL Certification for Hoverboards:

The earliest versions of hoverboards were of extremely poor quality. There was no one to check the quality and standard, everyone was just into getting them onboard.

Hover over, UL (Underwriter Laboratories) came up with the new safety guidelines and safety standard for hoverboards.

This board ensures the products what consumers around the world are using are safe and meets the quality standards.

The Goal of UL creating the guidelines to ensure the hoverboards are safes for the kids and adults. If hoverboards had this safety guideline sooner, many fire incidents could have been prevented.

Every product must meet the UL2272 safety standard. They hold a series of test to verify whether or not products meet created standards.

  • Overcharge test
  • Drop test
  • Water Exposure test
  • Crash test
  • Shock test
  • Mold street test
  • Imbalance ride check
  • Short circuit check
  • Overcharging
  • And much more in the row

 If any product does not meet the mentioned guidelines, the UL2272 certificate detained.

Are hoverboards safe now?

Yes, to some extent. After the involvement of UL2272 certification, the self-balancing scooters are safe. There are some aspects that need some more lights.

Such as, I have seen many kids falling off the hoverboard just because the battery drain and machine stop abruptly resulting in falling off the rider.

You need to open your eyes before purchasing a hoverboard for your kids. Hoverboards may not totally safe for kids lower than 8-10 years, as they need some specific pressure control using feet.

If you are willing to purchase the safest and durable hoverboard, and want us to mention some of the safety measures, stick with us. We are going to provide you a little guide regarding how safe are hoverboards, and what to look in term of safety?

Safety Gear:

Safety gears are the must-have tool while riding a hoverboard. I have seen people purchasing the most expensive hoverboard and riding them without safety gear.

Even if you are an experienced rider, wear a helmet at least. We would recommend a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guard.

Do not exceed the speed limit of the hoverboard, as it can make you fall off. The safety gear will decrease the risk of fractures and sprains if you fall off.

Weight limitations:

Do you know how hoverboard maintains uplift even in motion? They use the gyroscopic latest technology, what takes you upstand even in motion.

The sensors integrated into the left and right foot standing measure the pressure and react accordingly.

When a manufacturer mentions the weight restriction, it ensures the product to react at specific minimal pressure and maximum pressure.

This ensures appropriate control available for the hoverboard moving. You must not exceed or decreased weight limit and only bring the recommended weight limit to get the most of the hoverboard.

Always check the weight limit for the hoverboard from the manufacturer website.

Tire Grip:

One of the paramount aspects of a hoverboard is its tire grip. The tires stick to the ground and produce a smooth and better ride.

The tires must have good tread and grip on the surface. The better the tire grip, the higher the traction for the riders.

Especially, if you are purchasing a hoverboard for your kid, you need to double check the treaded rubber tires.

The treaded rubber tires tend to grip the ground and uphold the rider even in sudden manoeuvres.

Riding mode:

Be sure that the electric scooter you are purchasing has multiple riding modes. There can be a different name with a different product, learning mode/ pro mode, etc.

This is important as a novice would never be able to hold the right balance in its ride. Riding a hoverboard is fun and easy, everyone can have it experienced. Still, it takes time getting used to it.

The novice would use learning mode initially to kick-start the riding experience. Once they learn how to put the right balance and pressure, it will be more like a breeze.

Signals and LED lights:

The bright headlights improve night-time visibility. The LED lights and headlights make sure you see the rider. The other vehicles on the road would learn about the rider and keep the minimal distance.

The LED signals are also important. They make you check the battery percentage and other signals. The embedded turn signal which response to the foot pads helpful for the beginner rider.

Purchase a quality electric scooter:

Purchasing a hoverboard must not be overlooked. The safest option would be we should be as careful as if we are buying a motorized scooter or car.

We always value a brand and reputable seller for purchasing an expensive vehicle or product. Here as well, follow the same rule of thumb. Always look for a reputable buyer and prefer an experienced and reliable hoverboard brand over a novice manufacturer.

Buy only from a reputed brand, and check whether it passed all inspections and standard.

The Final Thought:

The hoverboards produced after 2015 what meets UL2272 certification standards are safe now. You need to check all certification before purchasing any such product.

If you fulfil the recommended safety measures and are strict about following them, be assured the hoverboards are safe to go with.

We have also created a list of most safe hoverboards if you are extra cautious about purchasing a safer hoverboard.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to How safe are hoverboards.

if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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