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How to decorate your hoverboard?

Hoverboards are personal transportation devices; would not you want to decorate your ride? Just like other devices such as Skateboard, Cars, Bikes, and surfboards, people often love to show off their uniquely decorated and customized Hoverboards. The decoration screams your personality and makes you stand out unique in the massive crowd. You would not ride on the hoverboard indoor; you go outside with family and friends. Just imagine a decorated hoverboard will like different and unique especially among other hoverboard riders? Do you want to learn how to decorate your hoverboard without breaking your bank?

It would not cost your arms and legs, just a few bucks and all scratches, paint scratches and other bruisers will hide behind the decoration.

Let’s walk with us, and we make you learn how to decorate your Hoverboard

like a pro.

How to decorate your Hoverboard in $20:

Yes, that’s true. It will cost only 20 bucks, and it will make your transportation device stand out. Just follow the guide, and we help you in making a supremely sober-looking custom-designed hoverboard for yourself.

  • Get some stickers and an Art knife (Xacto Knife would be the best deal in getting precise cuts) and design duct tape.
  • The last item on our list, the duct tape is the item where the magic comes. Instead of using some expensive designer taps and stuff, we will be using the simple to use duct tape.
  • Hoverboards are vulnerable to scratches. When we take the device and roam around, the sands and rubble leave scratches on it which spoils the entire look. The customized scooter, you will get a scratch-free coating and the best-looking design itself.
  • I have been reading people commenting using vinyl tap over there. The use of Vinyl tape might look comfortable in-car bumpers; it will not curve with the design. The hoverboards are quite different designs, curvaceous device, and take lots of effort in making it look seamless. I have also tried with the vinyl tape, and it was a total waste of money and time.
  • Designed duct tape is an excellent choice; the decals go on everywhere like tire, guard, and footpads, the duct tape can be easily applied universally, to give it a single-designed soul-looking look.
  • Use the tap adequately around the pointy edge near the tire bumper, footpads, and other places. If you do not like decals on the fenders or guards, you can choose to use tap design over there. Do not leave any space uncovered, and put something you want and love.
  • The tricky part would be cutting the curve lengthy enough to cover the curve adequately around the pointy parts.
  • Do not worry about the LED lights and charger ports; we can use Art Knife later to cut it the way we want. You will get the same look over there; this will make your decorations stand out.

Just follow the guide as it is, and you get a full-fledged decorated hoverboard in no time. Do not go with painting a hoverboard, as Painting would lead you to a bigger mess.

Tips and precautions to decorate your Hoverboard:

Make it sure that no piece of tap or anything sticking out from the body of the hoverboard. It can make the portion of the valve stuck in the wheels leading sudden stop causing you falling to the ground.

The cutting hole out of the LED lights needs special attention and extra care. You should move slowly using an Art knife, making sure not to leave any scratch on the covering until the outline is cut loose.

You should always cut out lengths and pieces in advance. It makes the process easier and seamless. Even if the sections overlap, the tap covers that all. If you see any tape peeling off, put it off and add more.

Always use the same duct tape to get a uniform look. Multiple patterns look odd and sometimes unprofessional.

Decorating the whole bottom is a bit tricky. Start covering from the wheels and slowly move towards the axis of the board. See any extra tap duct lingering in the middle, and cut it off using the art knife.

Is there any ready-made skin available on the market for decorating a hoverboard?

No, you will have to go through all the process by yourself. There is no ready-made skin or design available; you will have to do it yourself.

I have seen some users painting out their hoverboards and make the entire device a mess. The painting out needs some professionals around and expensive as well. It is a cheap idea and will impart a rich opportunity for originality.

Other benefits of decorating a hoverboard:

Decorating a hoverboard speaks for your aesthetic sense. You go out with your friends in riding in a stylishly decorated hoverboard; it impacts a lot.

The decorating hoverboard acts more like a protected layer around. You go outside and no matter how safe your ride you get dents and scratches. Within days a brand new Hoverboard looks more like years old gadget. By applying the mentioned DIY customization, you add a protective layer and acts as a scratch-free coating.

Final Thought:

The hoverboard looks matter. A stylish, designed, and decorated hoverboard seems more like an expensive gadget. Yes, you need to extra careful with your device, where you go and in which environment you go to.

I have been riding a hoverboard for years, and due to my negligence of using it around in any atmosphere, the scratches and bruises let it to permanent damage.

Whatever device or vehicle you ride, always be extra careful. An expensive hoverboard costs a big fortune, and you must not let it go away.

I hope you get an idea of how to decorate your hoverboard, a simple and straightforward guide to customize any hoverboard without costing arms and legs.

If you have any further queries, we are always there to help you. Pour out your heart and discuss your issue with us.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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