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how to reset bluetooth hoverboard

Do you have a Hoverboard? and want to know about that how to reset bluetooth hoverboard

Have you watched “Back to the future” movie? That was the movie from where the concept of something like “Hoverboard” surfaced.

This was Shane Chen a Chinese entrepreneur who extremely worked hard and turned this fantasy into reality. Although the hoverboard showcased in the movie looks entirely different than the original one, the concept is the same.

A hoverboard is more like a magical machine, you propelled forward by using the pressure of your feet and twist around without any hiccup.

You got to travel by placing your feet on the platform and control the speed using your feet. Normally, a hoverboard can travel 8-10 miles per hour.

Some brand can go beyond this, but this would be an idiotic thought traveling with this toy at that speed.

From the day of its invention, the self-balancing scooter wreaks the havoc in the entertainment toys industry, especially in Europe, where the toys industry is witnessing a new high.

This is one of the finest toys what helps kids travel from one corner to another, with different style and confidence.

Yes, the hoverboard is a machine, and the machine faces issues and problems. There can be many issues what a machine experiences and at the end of the day, you get them nailed down following different strategies.

The possible Hoverboard problems

  • A hoverboard is a machine and the parts of the machine get damaged due to numerous reasons.
  1. You can face red light display on the Segway board, the scoter tilting in one direction, charging issue, or hoverboard pointing upwards.
  2. If you have are facing any of the issues, you need to reset your Bluetooth Hoverboard following the mentioned procedure.
  3. You can solve many other such issues by resetting the hoverboard but one must be careful with Bluetooth scoter because they are difficult to reset and sometimes, the problem worsens, if you do not follow the guidelines properly.

how to reset bluetooth hoverboard

From time to time while using this magical scoter, you feel it needs to reset in order to function properly. This makes us learn the possible ways of getting a hoverboard reset.

Follow this simple guide and the problem will be nailed down in a second.

  • You need to make sure the hoverboard is turned off. The scoter must be on the sitting level with the ground. The resetting process cannot be carried out if have board is not leveled with the ground. The Duo series is the only model what are designed to reset or recalibrate in an upside down position.
  • Now press and hold the power button for ten seconds, you might see some flashing, lights and beeps. Do not worry, we are going to solve these flashing and lighting what board needs right now. The lighting is indicating that the board is needed to be recalibrated. You hold the power button for the ten second and set it free.
  • The board will get turned off. At this moment, the settings are getting into the default mode, ready to be turned on. Turn the board on, and make sure, the process worked fine for you or not. Check the balance and lighting, or the issue what you were facing before.
  1. If you feel the board is not reset, or the process is not gone right. You can repeat the entire process once again, before troubleshooting wire connection.


Whenever your hoverboard faces any such problem, the first thing you must do is reset it. The process has been mentioned, and if you do not get the problem solved, you try something else.

For instance, you can try removing the back cover, check all the wires again, plug and unplug all the wires in the box. If the problem is still not fixed, you can dig deeper until it’s nailed.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to how to reset bluetooth hoverboard. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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