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Top 5 Most durable hoverboards

In this article, you will all about Most durable hoverboard Self-balancing scooters are one of the most stylish ways to travel around. Kids love to travel in style and explore the nearby.

It’s has been almost 5 years since this electrical scooters came into existence. From day one (when they were considered the expensive gadget to buy) every kid had the wish to have this toy.

Having a hoverboard is every child’s wish. You turn this into reality just by picking one of the most durable hoverboard what we have provided in here.

You did not get it? Why did I use the word “durable hoverboard”?Because I have seen people spending a whopping amount of money into something less durable.

You must look for the features and aesthetics but what’s the use of a gadget when it’s not durable. And cannot withstand wear and tear. 

This is not just a motor or the quality of the tires what makes a hoverboard stands out.

It’s the whole package, the entire built. It must be crafted using quality material, the latest technology integration, bigger and powerful tires along with a powerhouse motor.

These are what bring forth a powerful and durable hoverboard. So, would you want to purchase one? We are going to put out a list of top 5 most durable hoverboard here.

What you can pick without a second thought, and relies on them for years. So, let’s have a look and see what the features the powerful electrical scooter wear are.

List of top 5 most durable hoverboards

Hoverboard Name Certification Features Price
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board UL 2272 LED lights, speakers View
GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard – 6.5″ UL 2272 LED Lights, speakers View
Hyper Gogo Cruiser UL 2272 LED Lights, Speakers View
GOTRAX SRX Hoverboard – 6.5″ Self-Balancing Hover Board w/Bluetooth Speakers UL 2272 LED lights, Speakers View
Koowheel K5 Hoverboard UL 2272 LED Lights, Speakers View

Top 5 most durable hoverboard:

Before picking the best hoverboard, you need to figure out what features the gadget must hold? Afterward, search accordingly and must not forget the price section.

For the latest hoverboard, it must be integrated with the quality speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, LED lights and much more. These are the leisure what made this machine enjoy a tremendous level of popularity.

The markets are not crowded with an overwhelming number of hoverboards. Dozens of brands are fighting neck to neck and make you confuse which one to opt-with. Let’s a look of our top most durable hoverboards 2019.

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board

If you are looking for something sturdy and quality built, EPIKGO is one stop shop. This electric scooter sports ABS body with Aluminum fenders. This semi-submersible product is waterproof from the relevant departments and holds an IP56 certificate.

Here you get more foot space, wide area for standing with enhanced stability and smooth ride experience. Integration of the advanced Gyroscopic will do wonder for you and take you upright even in all terrain surfaces.

The self-balancing scooter features dual powerful 400W motor what renders the great speed, acceleration, and drifting. You can spin around, take a 36-degree turn or reach 12 miles per hour speed.

You see EPIKGO has done an awesome job in manufacturing the bigger wheels. The wheel size matters, the bigger wheels offer a smooth and better ride. You can go anywhere, in all-terrain lands with zero hiccups.

This hoverboard is made for all surfaces, go anywhere, go sloppy and reach up 18-degree slopy heights.

By all accounts, EPIKGO falls right on every criterion of the most durable hoverboards. We have placed it on the top of the list for the reasons. This is not an average product, has gone beyond from the average.

The hoverboard technology is witnessing new higher, owing to the latest innovation integration with the latest technology. EPIKGO has been renovating its product to meet the international safety and security standard and to offer unique performance.

The EPIKGO has garnered the highest standards in safety successfully and holds UL2272 certificate. This ensures the product is highly durable, safe, and meets the international standards for battery and other measures. Its durable build helps it tackle every obstacle or hindrance come it’s a way. Travel through grass, sand, mud dirt and explore the surrounding you love to.

Key Features:

Bigger size and better design:

The electric scooter offers more foot space and built using the highest quality material. Both features add on to the smoother and balanced ride with no hiccups.

Powerful motors:

The self-balancing scooter features dual 400-W motors which fulfill your expectations for speed, acceleration, and drifting.

Illuminated LED:

The product features glaring LEDs with a stellar range of colors. You witness 4 LED in tires and two in headlights to produce a mesmerizing ambiance around you. These will make you the center of attention, no doubt.

Bigger tire size:

The bigger tire size helps you explore every terrain surfaces. The smaller the size the lesser exploring ranges. The hoverboard can be brought up mud, sand, sloppy and rough areas. This can go anywhere you want and roam around rough and sloppy spaces.

Bluetooth speakers:

Yes, you can have your favorite plays. Connect the mobile Bluetooth to the hoverboard and have a great experience of listing to the favorite songs while riding.


  • All-terrain exploring a range
  • Bigger 8.5″ tires
  • Charging under 2 hours
  • Maximum speed reaches up to 10MPH


  • The large tires always halt hindrances for novice riders
  • Expensive

GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard – 6.5″ Hover Board w/Self Balancing Mode – UL2272 Certified

GOTRAX Hoverfly can certainly fly with its lightweight. This hoverboard especially designed to target kids. This electric scooter only weight 20 pounds and extremely portable to carry around.

The speed up to which this hoverboard can reach is great. You can have it around 7 miles per hours. This features 200 W dual motors with a powerful lithium-ion battery.

The battery though could have been more enhanced. As of now, the battery can last for 4 miles travel and you have to charge it after.

The 6-inches wheels offer a great riding experience. You will be sailing in undisturbed water with this self-balancing scooter.

The latest gyroscopic self-balancing features offer extra smoothness and stability. As I said before, this is a hands-down option for the kids who do not know how to make perfect balance while riding.

This hoverboard is UL2272 certified and meets safety standards. This electric scooter has been tested for fire and other safety measurement and it checks all the boxes right.

The maximum weight endurance, once again, could have been extended up to 260 lbs. As of now, you see it enduring 200 pounds of weight, with great wheel size, jointly renders a great mount experience.

The hoverboard comes in a plethora of color options. You get a wide range of colors to choose from as much as 9. You can choose from the 9 impeller colors and get your desired color range in hand.

The Gotrax hoverfly comes at number 2 in our list. If you compare the feature and other advanced technology, no product can stand against it.

Coming at the affordable price range, this packs all features what helps a youngster to ride. It is suitable for adults and kids alike, the weight range is up to 200 pounds

Key Features:

Dual 400-Motor:

The Hoverfly features 400-dual motor. This size of the motor can produce an immense amount of power to boost speed and acceleration. You see this reaching up to 7mph which is quite a good range speed at this price.

Advanced Self-balancing Gyroscopic:

This hoverboard features latest gyroscopic integration to enhance stability and comfort. The stability stands first when you want to gauge the performance of a hoverboard.

LED lights:

The self-balancing scooter features mesmerizing LED lights to illuminate the ambiance around. You see it featuring 4 in tires and 2 in headlights.

A plethora of Colors:

This self-balancing scooter comes in 9 impeller colors. This plethora of colors adds extra charm to this, as kids love to have their gadget in the desired color.

Lightweight and portability:

The product is immense lightweight. The hoverboard weighs 20 pounds, this ad extra layer of portability to the hoverboard


  • LED lights
  • 2272 Safety certification
  • Latest gyroscopic integration
  • Dual 400-W motor


  • No battery down indication
  • It randomly stops when the battery drains falling off the rider

Hyper Gogo Cruiser

The hyper Gogo hoverboard is the self-balancing scooter what will make you go gaga about. If you look at the design, you notice why we added this on number three spot.

This really deserves to be in the list as it shares the rugged design with military-style patterns. This sturdy built and great patterns make it one of the finest beasts.

This hoverboard features 9.3 inches tire size. You know the tire size always plays a major role in exploring the nearby. The bigger the tire size the nice the riding experience it renders.

The tires are made of alloy rubber and quickly make you to reach up to 9.3 miles per hour.

The self-balancing scooter features dual 400-W motor and integrated with powerful batteries. The batteries can last up to 8-10 miles of ride with a full fun-filled experience.

The machine equipped with latest gyroscopic technology what makes it effortlessly mounting on and off the board. This feature keeps the foot pedal level with the ground all the times, which is the safest thing you can have in it.

The hoverboard falls right on every safety and electric or fire hazard standard. The products hold UL2272 as well as CPSC, CE, RoHS, and FCC certification.

The beast has 2 LED lights on the headlight and 2 in the tires. This also comes integrated with Bluetooth speakers to make you listen to the songs while on the ride.

The LED lights bring forth a great experience while riding and you become the center of everyone’s attention within a second.

Key Features:

Bigger Tire Size:

The hoverboard features 8.5 inches alloy wheels. This size of wheels can make you feel extra cheerful as the experience goes beyond the expectations. Moreover, you can have it in ever certain lands. In sands, mud, rough lands and smooth surface.


Though the brand proclaims it to reaches up to 15kph speed. In actual tests, the speed was a little lower than proclaimed. Still, 12kph speed is something must not forget.

400-W dual motor:

The product features 400-W dual motors and produces power-packed performance. This performance level is what you cannot expect from a product at this range.

Rugged military design:

The sturdy built rugged military design pattern makes this product stands out in the crowd. We found the product extremely durable and fall right on every criterion of a sturdy product.


  • Bigger wheels size
  • Great motor performance
  • UL 2272 Certificate
  • Gyroscopic feature for self-balancing


  • The battery could have been enhanced

GOTRAX SRX Hoverboard – 6.5″ Self-Balancing Hover Board w/Bluetooth Speakers

GOTRAX has been one of the great in electronics products manufacturing. This brand now shifted the attention towards hoverboard and producing the best quality self-balancing scooter.

If you really want to meet the next generation hoverboard, SRX part with the same series name. The Gotrax brand uses advanced gyroscopic technology which allows the users to move around by shifting the body weight quite easily.

The riders get the option to move forward or backward, spin in circles, just controlling the feet movements.

The wheels come integrated with the sensors; the electric motor provides the required tilt and the speed.

They also come equipped with the Bluetooth speakers, If you are a music lover, adding this integration will be like icing on the cake.

You will be moving around while listening to your favorite songs. The SRX each product is powered with dual 200 motor and 36-volt battery to produce optimum results.

Safe always comes first; this electric scooter holds necessary safety and security certificate such as UL2272. This is the safety standard the world has imposed to make the gadget more useful and safer for the riders.

This hoverboard can reach up to 7 miles per hour speed a cover distance at least 6-7 miles when it is fully charged. The battery takes 2 hours to get fully charged. The Gotrax hoverboard comes with a built-in alarms system that will alert you when the battery is down.

The hoverboard comes in a variety of stellar colors and the users got a wide range of option to choose from. Kids love colors and ride the favorite gadget donned with favorite colors and LED lights.

This electrical scooter features LED lights, the four LED lights in the wheels and two LED lights in the headlights. So, you would be riding in style, even use those lights as signals.

Key Features:

Bluetooth speakers:

The Bluetooth speakers integrated are a great add-on. The rider loves to listen to the favorite songs, while the nearby sounds will never miss out.

UL Certified:

The SRX hoverboard never compromised on safety and security. This holds all necessary safety and security certificates such as UL2272. The battery, charging system all meet the safety guidelines.

Self-balancing mode:

The hoverboards automatically level the boards with the floor. This becomes easier and safer to ride for the novices who do not know how to control the first ride.

Steller colors range:

This Electric scooter comes in a wide range of colors and vivid LED lights. The redesigned body features the vivid LED headlights and wheel lights.


  • It comes with two basic modes
  • Great LED lights
  • Powerful motor
  • Great Gyroscopic technology to hold the rider upright


  • Poor charging capacity
  • The speed range also could have been better than this

Koowheel K5 Hoverboard

This is a mid-range electric scooter with some extraordinary features and sturdy built. The KoomWheel K5 is designed to render a smooth experience even for the novice users.

It comes with a 7.5 inches tire size and powered with a 350-dual motor with Lithium-ion battery. The hoverboard can reach up to 7.5 MPH speed and can travel up to 10 KM distance on a single charge.

The hoverboard is great for inclination and can reach up to 20-degree inclined angle. The product negotiates with the small slopes and tackles them quite easily. This can be taken into muddy, rough surfaces, narrow spaces, and sloppy areas with no hiccup.

The self-balancing scooter is certified UL 2272 and for all safety hazard such as electric shocks, Fires, and sudden battery drain.

The hoverboard is loaded with a great range of thrilling option. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity with a Koowheel plus application. The user got the option to change the speed and track the GPS location using the application.

The Bluetooth connectivity renders you great music listening option and you can have a great music experience riding on it.

This comes with three basic modes, beginner, intermediate and advance. Anyone can track the speed and even change the mode on the application using a mobile phone. The total weight is only 22 pounds extremely portable.

This also comes with a handle in the middle to carry this gadget quite easily. That’s a surprise having a product hosting such a great range of features at this price.

The removable battery option is great; anyone can have an extra battery and carry along. If the first integrated battery drains, change the battery and have a long-run traveling in a single go.

Key Features:

Replaceable and detectable battery:

This comes with a Samsung replaceable and removable battery. You get easy maintenance and better heat or ventilation dissipation. This is a Samsung certified battery and renders optimum experience under the average price range.

LED display:

You see this gadget features battery power, speed, temperature, and other Bluetooth connectivity LED display. This is something advance and user must value to the feature.

Lightweight easy to carry:

The total weight of this product at 10KG. This self-balancing scooter fills the bill for kids and adults equally. Easy to operate, easy to handle and carry and can reach up to 12kPh speed.

UL 2272 standard certificate:

This product holds US safety qualified standard which is the most important factor to consider purchasing this gadget.


  • Replaceable charging
  • Dual 350 motors with 7.5 inches tire speed
  • App to change speed, mode and track location


  • Poor App performance

What makes the hoverboards durable?

If you look closely at the components what make a scooter durable, you would see two points. The frame and the case (outer shell) what goes over the equipment?

The frame must be made of a durable metal edge to endure the weight of the rider. The average weight we use to see in most of the hoverboards lies around 220 pounds to 260 pounds.

The case is made out of the plastic and people are really concerned about this. How would a plastic make go for long-run?

Why not the outer shell or the case is crafted using metal? Actually, the metal will make the overall weight increased. The pioneer decided to use plastic and other components such as battery and electric engine come under the outer shell.

The plastic undercarriage is really sturdy. The plastic at some point is a shock absorber and survive the swings. So, you to get a durable and sturdy hoverboard, you need to remember these two points in the first place.

The Final Thought:

We have listed out the top 5 most durable hoverboard. You can see their features, specs, pros&cos and decide which suits you the best. In the end, it’s you who decide which product to go with.

All listed products as per our extent of knowledge render optimum performances in their ranges.

You can have any of them and experience one of the finest gadgets of this generation. If you see any other product can make it to our list, please give your feedback.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the Most durable hoverboard. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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