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Top 5 most reliable hoverboards 2019

Most Reliable Hoverboards have turned the fantasies into reality. Long gone are the days when we had to rely on a low-tech skateboard. Today’s generation is addicted to using the latest model of transportation, hoverboards.

You probably are looking for the most reliable hoverboards in the market. I have been sifted through the entire market and found some amazing reliable electric scooter to stun you.

The self-balancing scooters aka Hoverboards undoubtedly the coolest way of transportation. You move around in style and explore the countryside or surrounding of your new residence.

You need to be doubling cautious as the incidents of hoverboards short-circuiting are making rounds on the Internet. I am awestruck to look at the little kid riding on a hoverboard when it caught fire. So, you always need to double check the security measures and certifications.

Before stepping into purchasing zone, as many local brands are coming with a cut off price. They hide the security measures and proclaim their gadgets the most secured around. This has hurt the whole market reputation and parents find this transportation a dangerous one.

Comparison table of Most Reliable Hoverboards

Hoverboard Name Certification Features price
Jetson Nitro Hoverboard with LED Light-Up Wheels UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, LED Light, Bluetooth speakers view
Epikgo Sport Balance Board UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, LED Light, Bluetooth speakers view
TOMOLOO Hoverboard UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, LED Light, Bluetooth speakers view
Skque X1/I Series – UL2272 (MAX 264 lbs) Self Balancing Scooter UL2272 Certified Flexible weight, LED Light, Bluetooth speakers view
XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker UL2272 Certified Flexible weight LED Light, Bluetooth speakers view

Most durable Hoverboards 2019

We have listed out the hoverboards list ease your pick. It’s really overwhelming to witness such a wide range of hoverboards and choosing one among.

A novice gets confused and most often falls on a sub-standard or inadequate product. You can choose the best product here, have a short glance of pros and cons and see what these products have to offer.

We have separated the most reliable hoverboard with the downright dangerous or vulnerable products from our list.

We always keep the safety and security in the front-rows as, without these measures, it is really dangerous to allow little kids riding on them.

Jetson Nitro Hoverboard with LED Light-Up Wheels (Ideal for smooth surfaces)

If you are the one who never used a hoverboard before, it’s your first riding experience; Jetson Nitro Hoverboard is a fine grab.

This is a great starter and offers a great smoothness on smooth surfaces such as concrete, tile, and Asphalt. The product provides you a nice personalized riding experience while listing to the favorite music.

You can play the favorite music on the Bluetooth speaker integrated and customize the lights with the music to craft a unique mesmerizing ambiance.

The Jetson Front-runner comes with a dedicated application. The application offers you great controls including the speed, the mode and much more.

You can increase the speed using the phone and switch to the mode, or change the playlist. Unlock dozens of other exciting features of Jetson Nitro, have the app from Play Store.

The unit features bright LED lights on the wheels. The wheels shine and create a great environment around while you ride. This is a great pick to ride on all terrain surfaces, no hiccup in going.

This product adds top on your list of best hoverboards in the affordable price range. I had been using hoverboard for almost a year and found it impeccable from all aspect.

The product houses a 400-Watt dual hub motor and a splendid quality lithium-ion battery. The battery takes up to 3 hours in getting full charged and offers at least 10-miles ride in a single charge. The battery without any doubt exceeds the expectation level and we are all hearts by the battery performance.

The model embedded the cutting edge active balance technology what corrects the board balance and keep the steady running. The right and left foot pads are anti-slipping and hold you tight during the right.

The overall weight of the machine is around 20 pound, and it can endure at least 250 pounds of weight. This level of weight makes it a fine choice for kids and adults alike.

If you look at the overall built, you see a sturdy material built hoverboard. The high-quality material is used to craft out one of the finest and smooth ride.

The sturdy and high-quality built to hold you up against the relentless treatment for a long time. The hoverboard does not cost your arms and legs, not a heavy duty beast at all, still a reliable one.

Key features:

Impeccable battery:

I loved the battery performance of this electric scooter. With one-charging, you can expect as long as 12-hours of the continuous ride. The battery would not take much of your time reaching the fullest throttle.

All-terrain lights up wheels:

The product is integrated with a wide range of LED color to illuminate the wheels. The color scheme personalized with the music playlist, craft a stylish ambiance around.

Active balance technology:

The latest and advanced active balanced technology keeps you stable with a specially designed bar sits between the left and right foot. Now, you have no need to worry about the unbalanced ride, get a smoother rider in undisturbed water.

Dual Powerful motor:

The beast comes out with a dual hub motor. The motor produces enough power to excel the hoverboard in every terrain with a smooth ride.


  • Lightweight
  • Active balance technology
  • A great gadget for a beginner to start with
  • Powerful motor


  • Poor performance in inclines or bumpy surfaces
  • Incline sucks up battery
  • Poor instruction manuals

Epikgo Sport Balance Board (One of the powerful beasts)

Epikgo one of the ruling Silicon Valley-based company. The company has been ruling the hoverboard market for years now and produced innovative products over the years.

The product originally manufactured in China. You should not take this as another Chinese product; all Chinese products are not frailly built. Yes, Chinese are expert in cutting the price off by putting off some features.

The lightweight hoverboard produced splendid performance by offering a smooth ride. This is not a hefty product at all, would not turn off while running due to the weight or uneven surface.

The beast features dual 400-Watt motor for powering large wheels. It’s a pretty lightweight machine, weight only 33 pounds.

The machine can reach up to 9 miles per hour and covers a total of 12 miles in a single shot charging. You will find the charging one of the best feature of it, charging-up really fast, within 2-3 hours.

The larger tires integrated renders impressive performance. You see the larger tire sizes make you up to go on all terrain lands with feeling disturbance. The smaller tires are great for concrete surfaces and produce smooth ride over there.

The weight limit has been tested up to 200 pounds, but I genuinely feel this can take much than this, the muscular it looks. I believe the product can endure much than this up to 220 pounds.

Yes, when you take the electric scooter in tarmac, sands or on dirt trails, the beast suffers. Even a bigger bike would suffer on such surfaces; still, the larger wheels are less prone to fall off the rider.

The product is really expensive if you look at the price. But, when we look at the reliability and power performance, it checks all the right boxes. The product falls right on your criterion of a reliable hoverboard and one must listen to the inner-voice of them.

The frame of the model is made of aluminum alloy; at least you would enjoy the riding for a few years.

Key Features:

Bigger wheel size:

The tire size is bigger than most of the hoverboards we use to see around. The machine features 8.5 inches wheel, bigger and better for all terrain surfaces.

Great battery power:

The battery performance is really amazing. You can cover up to 12 miles distance with one charging, the speed range is up to 8 miles. The charging of the battery would not halt any issue, within 2-3 hours you see it fully charged.

Powerful motor:

The 400-W dual hub motor really products a great range of output. You see it running in all terrain lands without any slowing down or slipping away.

UL 2272 certification:

The certification ensures a smooth and safe riding without any risk of overheating or short-circuiting.


If you are a music lover, the product fulfills your criterion. This product offers you a great range of music using Bluetooth speakers connecting to it.


  • Power packed performance
  • Huge tire size
  • It runs up to 12 miles on a single charge
  • Powerful motor with impressive performance


  • Expensive
  • When you run out of the battery, it’s challenging to bring back it to home. The brand must offer a bag to pack it up and put on the shoulder

TOMOLOO Hoverboard (The powerful scooter for kids)

When we look at a hoverboard world, it seems the name TOMOLOO stands out from the pack. The brand offers something extra than the must-have features.

You see the products designed and manufactured by TOMOLOO featuring remote Bluetooth control, mobile application and other advanced features.

The board features 6.5 inches wheels with safety and quality guarantee. The advanced standing board makes this scooter an enjoyable ride experience; no one would be able to forget.

You see this featuring in-built speaker with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth speakers really come handy when you go out on a ride accompanying your friends.

Listen to the favorite songs, connect a phone to the hover board’s Bluetooth speakers and make the experience earth-shattering.

The intuitive mobile application offered adds extra controls. The users can directly control the settings using a smartphone to boost the overall performance.

You can adjust the light colors, effects, LED headlights, speeds even speed modes. The app also allows you to adjust the steering sensitivity along with the max speed allowed.

The model features a 300-W, relatively silent motor. The max speed measured ranges up to 13 km/h. You can travel as long as 19 km distance on a single charge under the even surface conditions.

The maximum weight limit is given up to 265 pounds, it showcases the machine can endure a grown-man without any issue.

Key Features:

Speed range:

The machine features an amazingly powerful motor to bring forth as much as 13 km/h speed. This is an amazing range of speed and users can reach up to this speed at even surfaces.

Amazing battery:

You see the TOMOLOO features a powerful battery. The battery can cover up to 19km total distance on a single charge. This much of battery is more than enough to roam around.

Stereo Bluetooth Speakers:

Having quality Bluetooth speakers on a product like Hoverboard is amazing. The stereo Bluetooth speakers personalized with LED light color can create a unique ambiance and make you land in style.

Mobile app:

The TOMOLOO has done a fantastic job in developing the smartphone application. The application provides many controls to the users to control the speed, songs, LED colors and much more remotely.


  • Great speed range
  • Amazing battery performance
  • A plethora of LED colors and special effects
  • Powerful motor
  • Guaranteed safety


  • Smaller wheels
  • No RGB color
  • Prone to stretches and marks

Skque X1/I Series – UL2272 (MAX 264 lbs) Self Balancing Scooter (The durable hoverboard)

This model has seen many upgrades. And now it reaches to its final stage and it seems this has over crossed even the top-ranked brand already. The reviews are an evident example of its power-packed performance and smooth riding experience.

The product features so many chic features that you will love to have them under a single casing You see it featuring Bluetooth speakers, automatic function and gyroscopic advanced technology.

The audio function help rider descends when the battery drains without falling him/her off. I have seen many top-notch brands lack this feature, and make the rider fall off, injured.

The product looks good as well. It’s always a nice add-up the product must look sober and catching to the eyes.

The smart turning feature makes it rotate 360-degree circle from the stationary position. You try it out the sudden turn at even surface; else you may get hurt by falling off.

The hoverboard features two 350-W hub motors. The dual motor makes it generate enough power to reaches up to 12km/h. The speed range is quite impressive as the power source is giant.

The battery source on the other side sits right accordingly the power source. It takes up to 1-2 hours in getting fully charged. Once it’s charged up fully, can make you cover as much as 21 km distance.

The battery range as I said before is remarkable. I have not seen such a range even in the high-ended brands.

The product comes in various sizes, colors, and shapes. You see it coming with three different shells size, battery range and power range even.

This is pretty cool; the users can opt-with as per the price range. This feature has added up a great range to the selling, which makes it one of the most selling brands online.

The LED lights are front; the headlights are sober on the front. The LED lights magnify the overall beauty of it, especially when you personalize them with the music you are listening to.

Key Features:


This function has many aspects. This helps you riding smoothly without falling off. This makes you taking abrupt turns around 26-degrees. And the final help you out when the battery drains completely.

The feature will not make you fall off, rather the motor stops functioning slowly and stops accordingly.

Good speed and distance range:

The speed range and distance range is amazing. You see it takes a lesser amount of time in getting fully charged and reaches up to 12km/h speed. You witness this running as far as 21km total distance.

A wide range of options:

This comes with a wide range of options in colors, tire size, and overall shape. The color options allure the youngsters who love to grab such entertainment gadgets in their favorite color.

Vivid LED lights:

The LED light color though cannot add to the functionality. Still, it magnifies the look and beauty of the gadget and enhances your look.


  • Affordable product
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable as hell
  • Durable chassis
  • Bluetooth
  • LED lights option


  • No app controls
  • Not all terrain beast at all

 XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker (Budget hoverboard)

As we mentioned the product is reliable under a budget range. If you are looking for something without breaking the bank Xpirit Hoverboard is there for you.

The brand nicely packed up the necessary features to cut the price off.  You see it coming with several color range to choose from. The user happily can find the desired color and ride on it tuning the desired LED lights.

The strong motor mounted below the pads is quite capable of making it reach up to 6 miles per hour speed. The batteries are good to fall right on your need and criterion.

The batteries cannot be better than this, just look at the price and decide. The model can last 45 minutes at even surfaces, and it takes almost 2-3 hours getting charged.

The machine is good to go for a long run, and would not let you down with the performance.

The product fills the bill for a family. The weight range makes everyone in the family experience hoverboard riding experience.

The music Bluetooth sync will make you listen to your favorite songs or playlist. While you can customize the music with the LED lights.

I have been reading the reviews regarding the product, most of them are quite impressive, recommending the product to buy.

The unit is good to go for any age group and endure 50 pounds to 150 pounds weights from seven years adult to 50 years old.

The product is ideal for those who have never used any hoverboard ever before. The settings integrated make it the last pick for the budget users.

The product falls right on the criterion of a reliable hoverboard and one can trust it on.

Key Features:

A plethora of colors:

The kids love to grab gadgets in their favorite colors. You can choose any color you desire, the unit comes in arrays of colors to choose from. The Classic sharp design is available in five different finishes.

Vibrant LED Lights:

The hoverboard features vibrant LED lights to illuminate the surrounding in the favorite LED color. One notch-up, it can help you to customize the LED color with music you are listening to.

Anti-Slip stand:

The hoverboards stand offers anti-slipping for the riders. The rubber offers great grip and swiftly respond to the angle and speed.

UL 2272 certified:

The brand is fully certified from the relevant security and safety departments. This is made of quality material and safety is up to the international levels.


  • Ideal for the family usage
  • Comes in five different colors to choose from
  • The stereo audio speakers fill the big
  • Lightweight
  • UL2272 safety approved
  • One-year warranty


  • The one side stops working as per the some reviewers

The Final Thought:

There is more than one point to consider before purchasing a hoverboard. We have listed out those points so that your option could look clearer. We have provided you the list of top 5 most reliable hoverboards. If you think a product comes up to your expectations, place an order, do not overthink.

We have listed out some expensive and budget self-balancing scooters so that everyone could see best in the price range.

We really worked very hard in coming with these products. We read the reviews, behold the ratings and above all, we checked all features.

As per our extent, the hoverboards are reliable, and one can rely on them for years. Still, some of them might not resist wear and tear or scratching.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the Most Reliable Hoverboards to buy. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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