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What size hoverboard for 10 years old?

Hoverboards have become a sensation for kids. Every kid wants to have an electric scooter to roam around and show it off. Are you on a hunt to find the best hoverboard for 10 years old and do not know What size hoverboard for 10 years old? Alright, we are here to help you find the best hoverboard for your kid.

In fact, finding a hoverboard in itself is overwhelming. The market is full of dozens of brands and hundreds of various sizes, shapes, and features. This is confusing to opt-with a product. It requires some personal testing, and research to finally pick one. You cannot just buy every product, or manufacturers do not allow you to have it for a day or two to test and then buy it?

We have crafted a guide to purchasing a hoverboard for kids. In my personal opinion, if you are decided to purchase an electric scooter for ten years old, buy a small-sized wheel. The small sizes are less weight, easy to maneuver and best for smaller to ride on.

If you want to surprise your kid with the best birthday gift or holiday gift, we are going to help you pick the best birthday gift in the shape of the Hoverboard. Do not roam around and stick to this guide.

What size hoverboard for 10 years old?

We have been asking the same question repeatedly. So, today we decided to reserve an entire post just to target what is the best size hoverboard for 10 years, old kids. You know, kids need something less weight. They cannot handle the hiccup of carrying a hefty product around. One more thing, they love having colored-stuff. The vibrant colored hoverboard would be a better fit for them. This is about color and aesthetics; there are other specific things to see while buying a new hoverboard for kids.

Safety Standards:

Hoverboards are banned in different regions, do you know why?  The first versions of the Hoverboard or electric scooter have created a lot of buzzes because they catch fire. We have also mentioned why hoverboards catch fire. Though the issue has been fixed, and the latest entries would not cause the same problems.

But, what you need to focus on…!

Always buy a hoverboard with safety standards passed certificates. Consumer Safety departments have made the manufacturers to pass the UL 2272 certificate, they will be considered safe.

Safety standards apart from UL-2272 are also necessary when you buy a hoverboard to a kid. Always keep making sure they have the helmet and other safety gears on, at the speed 10-miles per hour when something comes before, the chances of falling down increase.

Best size of Hoverboards for Kids:

Hoverboards come in a number of sizes. We have also mentioned some best powerful hoverboards with a 12-inch tire size. Yes, the bigger size hoverboards are great to pick for all-terrain lands. You can have them in all conditions without thinking twice about any issue.

But, the bigger size hoverboards are not good to pick for kids of 10-years old. Choosing a hoverboard for kids choose 6.5 inches wheel size. They are small-sized and easy to maneuver for small riders.

The smaller size hoverboards also come with less speed range. Kids you know would love to reach out to maximum speed, and this can put them in harm. Plus, they can carry them without any big difficulty. The small size will make them put them in the bag and take around in rainy weather.

The smaller wheeled scooter is easy to maneuver. They may not offer a smooth ride in uneven land, but good for kids who want a sudden movement from any angle. They will get cooler hoverboard tricks and moves using the small-sized hoverboards.

Buy from a Reliable Supplier:

When it comes to purchasing electronics gadgets involved many circuits like stuff, always prefer a reliable brand. The circuit-like stuff is easy to catch fire. And if you do not purchase from a reliable supplier, they can be a problem for you and your kids.

Like the way it has happened before, in 2016, dozens of kids were injured due to catching fire hoverboard incidents erupted in the USA and many other regions across the world.

A reliable source, a brand name, would always come up with something better quality due to their name. If a product is a sub-standard and low quality, the brand name will be spoilt. So, it is advisable to prefer a branded name over a novice brand.

Additionally, the brand name always has better after-sales support. Their customer dealing will be of top-notch compared to novice brand who does not know how to deal with the customers and speak with them.

Use a quality branded battery:

The battery of the hoverboard is the weakest connection. Originally the hoverboards were produced in 2013, but due to some issues with the battery, the manufacturer was able to give them hit in 2016.

The reason was that the hoverboard’s battery is vulnerable. They become hot with the speed and use and can catch fire if the safety standards have not been taken care of. This has already happened many times, and now the lithium-ion battery of good quality has made necessary for them.

If you could have to replace the battery, look for a Samsung battery for them.  Samsung is a reputed brand and its batteries have never seen such firing incidents.

Learning mode:

Kids often do not know how to ride a hoverboard. At some time they could ride hoverboard like a pro and the next time, they would act like know nothing. So, the learning mode of a hoverboard can make them not to fall off even if they do not remember what to do in a certain situation.

Like, if they forget, how to stop a hoverboard, or do not know how to lower down the speed, the learning mode has integrated with many such safety features.

So, always buy a hoverboard with integrated learning mode.

Final thought:

Purchasing a suitable, safe and secure hoverboard for a kid is really challenging. We have though, provided you a list of best hoverboards for kids. You can choose a product for your kids, by giving a read to the article.

In the end, I can hope that you have the answer to What size hoverboard for 10 years old? I tried to write down everything necessary to keep in mind while picking a hoverboard for kids.

So, remember, go with smaller sized wheels and buy from a reliable buyer. You would never regret buying a hoverboard if you have a checklist of these two points.

I hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to What size hoverboard for 10 years old?

if you have any queries related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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