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When was the hoverboard invented?

Do you have any idea when the craze of Hoverboards just kicked off? The toy industry will never be able to forget Christmas 2015. This year along with the hoverboards, many other toys were onto the market shelves. Christmas is considered the best season of the year for every industry including toys on the top of the chart. Don’t you want to track down the original story behind developing a hoverboard? Let’s explore some unaware and hidden facts and straight come to the point. Our story of today would cover When was the hoverboard invented with the man behind developing it and the original story.

When was the hoverboard invented?

One thing is as true as a serious heart-attack; the original man behind developing a hoverboard was Shane Chan. The man sacrifices his four years in developing, and giving final touches to his finest product Hoverboard.

When we have come to this point, knowing the exact date of hitting a hoverboard would not be as difficult. We got the real person and should believe in his comments which states that it was 2013 when the hoverboard was invented.

It was directly after the fun-raising campaign, where Fundraiser brand accumulated millions to witness the product on markets. The fundraising happened in 2012, and in 2013, the world has witnessed self-balancing, two-wheels motorized vehicles. Although the man behind developing the Hoverboard, could not make a fortune at the extent he should have earned. Chinese companies who copy the patent and upgraded the model took the big chunk of the cake.

Segway as of now, developing hoverboard, have legal rights and patent to design hoverboard manufactured and designed by Shane Chan.

It was 2015 when the hoverboard got fame. The Christmas 2015 was all about having and purchasing a hoverboard. The device was on the wish list of every kid which creates a shortage of the supply.

If someone asks when hoverboard became popular, the straight answer would be in 2015.

The Patent war of hoverboard invention:

There is a long story behind, unresolved and unattended. Mostly people do not think about the legal war behind a product. But, the Segway or hoverboards were the ones who sold out in millions within one year.

If the fire catches had not happened, it would have been the most sold electronics gadget around the world.

The public prospect still believes that Shane Chan was the person behind developing and designing a self-balancing scooter. The invention is considered remarkable due to the reason that this was the first electronics machine which senses the tilt and moves accordingly.

If you pressure your foot, it signals to move the device forward. Pressing the heel would make an understanding to move backward.

Shane Chan did not get anything from designing and developing a hoverboard. He says

“If you look back at history, inventors and designers are usually poor, get nothing. Other people, investors, and marketers make money.

By the time of “Hovertrax” (Chan called Hoverboards as Hovertrax), I was kind of used to it because there were about six of my inventions that have been copied over the course of 10 years”

The man behind Hovertrax Shane Chan with Inventist was about to win their first lawsuit against Chic and the IO Hawk, but the patent war did not end.

The war heated up, half of the dozens of other companies also appeared with the claim that the Hoverboard was patented by them and their companies, Segway, Swagway, Razer, Chic Suing Razor, and many others.

Cutting the story short, the final order makes the hoverboards designed by the American Designers will be selling on the USA and European markets. The Segway designed and manufactured by Chinese companies was barred to enter the market.

Where is Shane Chan now?

Shane Chan is one of the big names in the world of electronics. He has been involved in the invention of many big products such as Hoverboards. The man has been connected to many big corporations, and now finally has made his own company with Inventist.

Shane Chen and Inventist are still on the go. Chen is involved in some other projects, self-propelled transportation device or machine is on the top of the list. Another notable is Solo wheel Lota, a similar kind of device as Hoverboards. But, none of them has hit the grounds until now.

Chen claimed that when we build the Hoverboard that was the simplest and smallest e vehicle ever invented, but now the title goes to Slow Wheel Lota.

The e-vehicle or slow wheel Lota weighs around 8 pounds and have 8” wheels.

The Inventist has come up with the working prototype and now in the final stage of testing and fine-tuning.

Final Thought:

Technological advancements are leaving no stone unturned to prosper a better and safe future for the humans. These are the humans himself turning against and making the world a bad place to live.

You have seen the hardships of Shane Chen in making and following the lawsuit. It is hard to see someone claiming the name on the invention on your product.

Shane Chen is the person invented hoverboard.We also explained when the hoverboard was invented with the real person behind.

If you have not ridden on a self-balancing scooter even now, grab your latest and best budget hoverboard. Do not go too hard in riding on it, keep the speed minimal, and wear on safety gears.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the when the hoverboard was invented. if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

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