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Which hoverboard is the fastest one in world?

Hoverboards are fun to ride a personal transportation device. If you are desired to navigate from one point to another point using a stylish mean of transportation, Electric scooter comes in mind. When a device is fun to ride, you love to reach the fastest speed. We have come up with the same intentions to provide you which hoverboard is the fastest.

Riding on the fastest hoverboard would be fun and exciting.

Are you dreaming of having the top fastest Hoverboard?  Hoverboards come with a range of speed options. You can pick as per your need and budget. We have already mentioned you the most powerful hoverboard that you can take for all-terrain lands.

Which Hoverboard is the fastest in the world?

The hoverboard industry has expanded exponentially in no time.  One of the best toy entertainment gadgets you can have. The most sought-after birth-day gift you can ever have.

They come in different speed range. You can pick the best fastest hoverboard depends upon the speed you can handle. If you are a novice and have no idea how to deal with the speed of a hoverboard, you need not purchase one.

As riding something fastest what you cannot control can land you in big trouble.

Hoverboard riding is one of the best mesmerizing and appealing experiences. You can spend your holiday riding on a hoverboard with great fun. You can have this device around you and visit your favorite places in no time.

The hoverboards are designed for fun purpose and meaning of personal transportation. They shorten your distance with flying speed.

You can go with the wrong product if you do not complete your homework. You need to figure out your budget, the speed range, and exploring land areas. If you are going to explore rocks or uneven surfaces, a different type of electric scooter will be required. For even surfaces, on roads, you can have a different small-sized device.

Hoverboard speeds:

The average hoverboard speed would be around 8-10 mph. The maximum speed measured in ideal conditions. Likely, your hoverboard in a different condition might not reach that maximum speed. Like, if you are riding on an uneven terrain, going up an incline, or riding with a heavier rider, you may get a different top speed.

If you need to have something exceptional, you will have to spend accordingly. The more you spend, the better quality you get. We have also sorted out a list of the best hoverboard, what you can have in all conditions without giving a second thought. Any weight rider can ride on them, in all-terrain lands.

It is the tire in a hoverboard that makes a real difference. The bigger tire size usually makes you go fast and travel in different conditions. The traditional six inches tires are better to explore smooth terrains at average speed range.

So, do you need to know which the fastest hoverboard is?

Stick to the guide and keep reading.

Bigger tire sized all-terrain hoverboards are faster:

During our tests and experiments, all-terrain hoverboards found faster than smooth-surface hoverboards. There are several factors that add to the all-terrain hoverboards in making them the fastest electric scooters.

Larger Tires:

All-terrain hoverboards come equipped with larger tire sizes. The tire size of an average all-terrain hoverboard measures in 8.5 in diameter. It means in one revolution of the tire; you will travel farther compare to their 6.5 inches counterparts.

Like the way, a man with bigger steps will reach up to the distance faster than others with smaller steps.

Powerful Motor:

The second statements in favoring of all-terrain hoverboards are faster than normal smooth surface hoverboards; there is another glaring aspect.

They come equipped with a powerful motherboard. The most models come with a 400-watt dual motor while others with 300-350-watt. The bigger powerful motherboard renders more juice to go faster for longer all-terrain hoverboards.

Better battery backup:

Last but not least, the all-terrain hoverboards come with battery installed. They usually see longer battery life, and many flat-surface models see six to eight miles on average, the all-terrain gets 10-12 hours on average in one charge.

If you are deciding to purchase the fastest hoverboard, what could make you reach at least 10 miles per hour, stick in here and see the next section? Here we will give a quick review of the fastest hoverboard.

The Fastest Hoverboard to Buy:

In the line of which is the fastest hoverboard, we are giving you a quick review of the top fastest hoverboard to buy. You can rely on this product to get the fastest speed without facing any big hiccup.

  • EpikGo Sport+

The best sturdy fastest Epikgo model is one of the fastest hoverboards. The hoverboard can reach up to 12 miles per hour and travel around 12 miles in single charging. Every aspect of this self-balancing scooter is designed perfectly to make it the fastest hoverboard to buy.

Not only the speed, but the safety of this machine is up to the impressive marks. The device can cross different types of terrain and comes with a one-year warranty.

As you can see, it is a sport+ model. The sport models of all brands usually come with robust design and features. The EpikGo Sports come with improved speed range, better tire grips, and a smoother ride.

The machine holds a UL 2272 Certificate and has passed different necessary safety tests to ensure it compliant with all regulations and safety. The self-balancing scooter will not pose any hazard to users while riding in any terrain land.

It comes with a 400-Watt motor, even has the power to climb up a 30-degree angle without giving you a hiccup.

The battery poses an impeccable endurance. You get 12 miles in a single charging, and it reaches up 12 miles per hour speed.

The brand holds an IP56 Waterproof certification. To some extent, a waterproof model. Passing through the puddle of water would pose no harm, but you cannot submerge it into a water pool. If water reaches up to its internal circuit, it can cause a problem for the motherboard.

Key Features:

  1. It features bigger 8.5 inches tires
  2. The device reaches up to 12 miles per hour speed
  3. The battery backup allows you to ride it on at least 12 miles
  4. It is Bluetooth compatible, connect the device to it and listen to your favorite music
  5. The hoverboard can endure the 230-pound weight


  • The fastest hoverboard to purchase
  • Ideal for all-terrain lands
  • It can incline up to 30-degree
  • Endure 230 pounds
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • You cannot expect complete waterproof

The Final Thought:

EpikGo Sport+ without any single doubt is one of the best and fastest hoverboard to purchase. A Reliable hoverboard and checks all boxes.

It comes with a good speed range, bigger tire sizes, spacious foot place, and above all, safe products compliant with all necessary safety regulations.

I think opting-with this hoverboard will make you spend your holidays joyfully. The hoverboard comes with the finest specifications, features, and other things.

I hope you get the answer to which is the fastest hoverboard around the world. You can pick this hoverboard and explore the countryside area without facing any jerk.

I hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to which hoverboard is the fastest?

if you have any queries related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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