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Why are hoverboards banned?

Due to the reasons, many countries banned the devices. If you want to know, why are hoverboards banned or not, stick to this guide and walk with us.

Hoverboards inclusion in the entertainment toys industry was immediate and sudden. In no time, the electric scooter became one of the hot Christmas presents in 2015.

Though, the idea of a self-balancing device surfaced in late 80’s movies, where the leading protagonist was running off using an electrical skateboard.

At that time, people referred the device with this name, which later converted to Electric Scooter or Hoverboard.

It was not uncommon to witness young kids riding electric scooters, until unless, the catching fire incidents erupt.

Catching Fire is the Reason Why Are Hoverboards Banned

Yes, it’s true about all corner of the world, where the hoverboards were running, the catching fire incidents appear.

If you just could pull a little pressure on your mind, and remember, the government had categorically announced an immediate ban on the device.

Thousands of little kids were entered into hospitals just because of the sudden fire eruption had left severe wounds to them.

So, if you are wished to purchase an expensive hoverboard, and think of these incidents as propaganda, just open YouTube and check those incidents from your own eyeballs.

I am not claiming that all brands were faulty designed vulnerable to catch fire. But, most of them were, and it was because some fake companies after witnessing the demand started out building them on their own.

Not all hoverboards had this problem, those, which were poorly designed, and integrated with poor quality lithium ion battery.

Now, the problem has been attended. The regulations have put into place; the rigorous standard has been made.

From the time, as per my knowledge, no fire eruption incident surfaced, except in some countries which were still using cheap hoverboards with poor quality batteries.

Why are Hoverboards Banned in Many Countries?

The safety standards are in effect now. Even I have seen some top-notch and reputed brand coming to this niche, still, in some areas, places, and countries, the hoverboards are still banned.

There are neighbourhoods, countries, cities, pavements, roads and other attractions where you cannot go away using hands-free Segway. Yes, you can use them, but in your private property. If you ever come out on the pavement, or on roads riding on them, you will be under the same radar as other vehicles running along.

Top Reasons For Banning them in Different Countries:

  • The two-wheeled powered devices can reach up to 12mph speed. The department of transport considers them a motor vehicle. So as per the highway act, it is against the rules to ride a vehicle on pavements. In England and most of the developed countries, you cannot have your scooter running on pavements like the way you can in under-developed African countries.
  • Alright, you are restricted to go with them on pavements. How about riding them on the road? Should not be allowed to have a smooth run and enjoy the journey, yes with safety gears on?
  • Not a chance at all. You are on a road, just like other vehicles. If you are on a road, your vehicle must comply with the rules. The vehicle must be registered, insured and a driving license is required for this to operate on the road. If you cannot hold them, you have no right to disturb others.

As, the electric scooter cannot have these attributes, neither you get insurance, so they cannot just go on the road.


The USA had enforced a ban on riding a hoverboard publicly. If you were caught riding one, you will be charged $500 fine. Yes, you can have a ride on private property, in your home or farmhouse. There would be no law restricting you to ride over there.

In the USA about all states have enforced a ban, and had regulated strict laws which made the users not to showcase their riding skills in public places.


In London, after catching fire series of incidents took place, the authorities enforced a complete ban on riding a self-balancing scooter. The scooters are not allowed to ride on streets, pavements, and roads. They are not licensed and having them on a run on roads, the vehicle must comply with the rules made for them.

From that time, the authorities are very strict, and you should never try your luck, going out there.

Hong Kong and Dubai:

In Hong Kong, the authorities had banned on riding Self-balancing scooters. So, you just cannot have a smooth ride out there. The authorities are in a process to review the ban and come up with something better than before. So, finger crossed, let’s see how the authorities will rule in favour or against the hoverboards.

In Dubai as well, you are not allowed or carry hoverboards. You cannot use Airlines and carry them on. The restriction has made kids leave the favourite Christmas gift on the Airport and embark without having them.

So, this is a solid reason, why are hoverboards banned in many areas of the world including developed and under-developed.

The Places Where Hoverboards Are Banned?

This is a list of some places were hoverboards are restricted to carry and ride.

Airlines and Airports:

I have been counting the numbers of airlines banned carrying a hoverboard along. The number stacks up to 60, and you must not go with a hoverboard to the airlines. Due to the fire and explosion incident associated with the device, the hoverboards are banned to carry in aircraft.

The battery is the real reason behind, the size of the battery can set an entire space on fire, and in 2015 we have witnessed this.

Educational Institutes:

If you are desired to use your personal moving device to travel around in your school, campus, college or other institutes, you need to know; your institute is not one of those institutes who have banned using a hoverboard.

About 30 educational institutes nationwide have put a strict ban on using, and if you could just go out with them, beware, you can be thrown out of the institute all of sudden.

Sidewalks and Pavements:

The sidewalks and pavements are the major spots in cities where people walk. If a misfortune event is going to happen with you why you just want other free folks to be part of it?

Government has put a strict ban on riding them, on public places, sidewalk, and pavements. If you do that, you will have to pay as low as 500$ fine.

Where Can You Ride a Hoverboard?

An interesting question! If you could just see around, you will find various places where you freely roam around riding a hoverboard, especially in countryside area. Yes, in cities, publicly, riding a hoverboard can make you fall into trouble.

Under the current law, the only place where you can ride a hoverboard legally is the private property with the landlord’s permission.

Final Thought:

It’s really unfortunate. Such as splendid riding scooters are witnessing a permanent ban in developed countries across the world. I have been noticing this that, some countries are mulling over to review the ban, and allow some places where hoverboards can be ridden without breaking the law.

So, I think you have learned why are hoverboards banned? If not, then comment in the section and we will happily guide you without any hiccup.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to the why are hoverboards banned? if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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