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Why Hoverboards catch Fire?

Are you searching about Why Hoverboards catch Fire? if your answer is yes! then you are on the right page. The hoverboard fire is becoming the hottest talk these days as the number of fire cases is increasing daily.

It is becoming a dark nightmare for most of the hoverboard brands. There was a time in the past when parents used to give hoverboards as a gift to their children. But now, they are afraid of hoverboard fire.

Hundreds of people are searching Why Hoverboards catch Fire? on the internet daily. Therefore, a list of the most popular reasons is available in this article for the readers. 

Main parts of a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are made from vulnerable materials that catch fire easily. The main parts of a hoverboard are Motor, Lithium Batteries, Microprocessor, Gyroscope, and Wheels. A powerful motor is responsible for movement with the help of gyroscope and wheels.

While lithium batteries give power to the motor. But not everyone knows that these two things are also the most dangerous part of the hoverboard. These things can easily set your hoverboard on fire by short circuit and battery explosion.

Why Hoverboards catch Fire?

It is very difficult to figure out the main points of Why Hoverboards Catch Fire? After doing good research, we listed some important points.

If you are interested to see the main reason behind fire incidents, then you must go through the full article.

Other than this, those points are also mentioned by which you can save your life and house belongings. Check the important points below. 

  •  Lithium Batteries
  •  Chargers
  •  Motors
  • Lithium Batteries

The Lithium batteries are a powerful source of energy, mostly used in laptops, mobiles, tablets, and electric cars, etc.

Due to unguarded nature, they are not 100% safe to use. They are also popular for numerous fire-related incidents.

But, this doesn’t mean that we should stop using these batteries in our gadgets. Most of the fire explosions in the hoverboards are due to battery explosion.

Yes, some of the lithium batteries explode due to overcharging. The rest of them gets explode during riding. If you will learn the inner functionality of lithium, then you can easily get your answer about the explosion.

There is a very thin insulation material between the positive and negative electrodes of lithium battery. Although the liquid inside the lithium battery is inflammable certain factors will destroy the thin insulating material.

It will result in a short circuit. Ultimately, the explosion of batteries will result in fire. Your hoverboard will be catch hire.

Every year, hundreds of people destroy their important belongings of the house due to fire in hoverboards. That’s why hoverboards are not allowed in the public places of USA and UK.

The lithium batteries are also present in popular hoverboard brands. So, be careful before buying them. So, you have got your answer to “Why hoverboards catch fire?”

  • Chargers

It is always good to recharge the batteries of your hoverboard with original charger. If you will charge them with original chargers, then you can keep your board far away from the malfunctions.

Apart from this, to keep yourself on a safer end, you must search for the charger’s power and voltage on the internet. it is always a good practice.

You need to unplug the charger when batteries get charged fully. Many cases are present on the internet related to “hoverboards catch fire” while they were on charge. Many hoverboards are coming with automatic off-button, but there may be some faults in the chargers.  

For proper protection, you must manually unplug the charger. It will surely reduce the chances of fire catching. Don’t rely on the automatic-off buttons of hoverboards. They may deceive you in many situations. Due to these points, the faulty chargers are also becoming a serious issue for the hoverboards.

  • Motors

There are 30% chances that your hoverboard can catch fire due to the motor. This is a vital area where the manufacturers of hoverboards should have to pay attention to proper working. If there will be a slight error, then it can result in fire due to short circuit.

Many reports are present on the internet where hoverboards caught fire due to a manufacturing defect of the motor. These fire incidents are very common in the USA and UK region. Faulty motors are also present in the branded hoverboards. You must check thoroughly before buying ay one of them. This is also the main factor of “Why Hoverboards Catch Fire?

How you can prevent your hoverboards from exploding?

There are many things that you can do to avoid an explosion in your hoverboards. Firstly, choose one of the most reputable brands of hoverboards.

Choose only those brands who have a clearance certificate from the Underwriters Laboratory. It is a central firm for the testing of hoverboard’s specifications. All products who are under the tag of UL are supposed to be safe.

Secondly, after buying your hoverboards, take proper care of them. Don’t charge them for a long time. If you will overcharge, then the chances of fire catching will surely increase.

The other major reason for fire catching is, overheating. If you notice overheat, then unplug the charger from the electricity board.  

Always go for the most reputable brands. Yes, they might be expensive, but they will be 100% safe to ride.

If you are choosing for your children, choose UL certified brands only. The UL certified hoverboards will give you proper protection because they will use good sort of batteries.

Always follow the instructions that are present on the buyer’s guide book. If you are overweight, then don’t go riding. Otherwise, you will waste your money and chances of the short circuit will also increase.

Riding on the uneven roads and paths will also lead damage to the electric motor. It will also result in fire catching. It is necessary to follow all instructions for proper results.

Several reports of Hoverboards caught fire:

The reports of hoverboards caught fire are spontaneously increasing in all parts of the world. But most of the cases are coming from the United States of America. Recently, a hoverboard in Washington Mall caught fire due to short circuit.

The video also went viral on the internet. There were heavy flames of fire in the atmosphere due to the small device. Due to such an incident, the government banned the riding of hoverboards in public areas.  

Another video of “hoverboards caught fire” went viral in New York. A young kid was charging his hoverboard in his room. Suddenly, his hoverboard caught fire due to overcharging.

It was such a great disaster that the whole home was destroyed due to the negligence of a child. There were fire flames in the whole house.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of other incidents where hoverboards caught fire due to negligence. Some incidents were due to the overcharging, while others were due to a manufacturing defect.

If you want to avoid such situations, then always prefer to buy UL certified hoverboards from the markets. They will save money and time.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Why Hoverboards catch Fire? if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

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