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Why was the hoverboard invented?

Hoverboards are one of the finest personal transportation devices we can have ever. Who invented the hoverboard, or Why was the hoverboard invented, the question more than often raises heads. I have been scrubbing the internet for getting the answers, but could not. So, decided to come up with a detailed answer about the same.

I am the biggest fan of it. Still using this self-balancing scooter, even when, the device has been banned across the world. I have also written about why the hoverboards are banned, what were the reasons behind this happening.

Cutting the story short, today’s hoverboards are much safer than the first version. In Europe, the hoverboards are gone to the prolonged security scrutinizes to finally appear on the market. One can have a hoverboard and ride on it, on private property, as in some regions roaming around on public places has been restricted.

Why was the hoverboard invented?

The personal transportation device has gained appreciation from the first day of their appearance. I cannot forget the Christmas 2015 when literally millions of hoverboards were sold out. The hundreds of copycat companies appeared in China and started manufacturing low-cost cheap hoverboard with poor design and battery integration.

The idea of developing a hoverboard surfaced from the movie “Back to the Future”, where the Leading character of the movie running off from the enemies, after snatching hoverboards from two kids. Other people following him, on the same device, tried to capture him. The hoverboard device of the day is not an actual hoverboard, the device displayed in the movie. You can call them the close cousins; they look almost similar, except this does not hover.

Shane Chan a Chinese Entrepreneur followed the idea and finally come up with two motorized wheels self-balancing scooter.

After watching the Michael J. Fox escape using the Hoverboard, it was fair to say that people were dreaming of owning a floating transportation device. This could not happen until 2015 when the real-hoverboards of the day came into existence.

This took the vendor and manufacturer by storm. It was almost every kid’s wish to have the hoverboard, which was not lesser than $300 at that time.So, you have to spend good money to roll your hands on a reliable hoverboard.

The inventor of hoverboard:

You have known why the hoverboard was invented, now come to who was the inventor?

The man behind developing the hoverboard was Shane Chan an American businessman. There has been a big dispute about the patent rights of the companies. As the patent of such a device was registered by Shane Chan in 2013, through Kickstart campaign, the fundraising campaign has collected millions. Where Kickstarter supported his creative project and accumulated multi-millions to get it done.

The device’s immense popularity in Europe is mainly referred to the endorsement by the wide arrays of celebrities including Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, and others.

Until 2015, the board was being manufactured by several manufacturers, in China, and around the world. This has made the original patent rights holder pursue the litigation. The original creator of the device, Shane Chan voiced his frustration about the patent rights of the device. In the end, Mark Cuban finally purchased the Hovertrax paten from the Chen.

During this legal war, dozens of companies in China and America involved in developing sub-standard self-balancing scooter resulting in fire eruption incidents around the world. And you might have been known why the fire eruption incidents actually happened.

Why the device is called Hoverboard?

The self-balancing scooters aka hoverboards in actual do not hover, still, they are called hoverboards. This is the term what media used to define the electric skateboard.

The skateboard name was taken from “Back to the future” movie.

In actual, the device does not have and the trademark of hoverboard or self-balancing scooter had registered in 1996.

Commercially, the self-balancing scooters are wheeled scooter or motorized wheels.

In September 2015, Marty MC Fly gave the device a new name, self-balancing electric scooters.

Characteristics of hoverboards:

A hoverboard is more like a magic machine. It magically detects your tilt and recognizes at what speed you want to move. You can turn the device around; can use brakes and other mind-boggling features. The basic characteristics of a hoverboard are mentioned. You will have the mentioned characteristics in a hoverboard.

Size of the hoverboard:

Hoverboard comes in variant size. You can choose a narrow or wide hoverboard as per your preference. The best device for you is that suits you the best and makes you stand in the natural position.

Riding and learning a hoverboard takes some time. You have to invest your time in learning it on the right kind of device.

Weight and speed:

When you purchase a hoverboard, you see this characteristic. The hoverboards come in different weight capacity. It is really important to look into the weight description of the hoverboard.

The speed is the main course of it. You get to know at what speed you can go with the hoverboard. Normally, the hoverboards range from 5-15 miles per hour speed, while riding a particular range of weight.

Battery Backup:

The battery is the main feature of a hoverboard. Without proper battery integration, the hoverboard cannot run. You must know how long the battery of the hoverboard lasts and when it is fully charged.

The battery of a hoverboard has halted many issues in the past. You have been reading negative news about hoverboards catching fire. The incidents took place just because of poor designing and sub-standard batteries.

The Final Thought:

Hoverboard invention is one of the best life-work of Shane Chan. The businessman and entrepreneur have developed many other remarkable products. The unicycle is one of them, though could not gain weight like Hoverboard.

Why was the hoverboard invented has cleared now. This was a dream of humans to ride on something moves. The hoverboard moves itself without any physical assistance.

Maybe in the near future, we could see the real hoverboard, which really hovers. As, as of now, many of the prediction of the movie back to the future has been successfully completed.

Hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Why was the hoverboard invented? if you have any query related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

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