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Why won’t my hoverboard turn on?

A hoverboard is an electric device and like the way electric device functions, at some point in life, they face problems. You ask yourself, why won’t my hoverboard turn on?

If you have been trying several times and still nothing happening, the electric scooter may be facing a severe problem or range of problems.

There can be more than one reason for this. So, if you are facing a hoverboard not turning on problem, and have found no solution until now, we are going to provide you a detailed guide.

So, let’s walk with us and see how to fix this issue.

Why won’t my hoverboard turn on?

Fixing a hoverboard is tricky, and coming up with a concise solution is an even bigger problem.

I have been facing a problem many times. Every time I become more sure about solving it down, I have to see another problem within that.  In hoverboard not turning on, in my experience, the chargers are usual suspects.

Check your charger and charging cord, you will most of the time find the problem and would nail the issue down.

I am coming up with all the solutions, what I have been toying with my own Scooter and try to explain everything in detail.

Check if the hoverboard is charging or not?

First, check if your hoverboard is charging or not. First, learn that if your charger is alright and working fine.

Because it may happen that your charger is not working and the hoverboard is not getting charged, it would not turn on either the case.

Connect your charger to the hoverboard; if the indicator of the charger is turned off when you plugged in the hoverboard, then it indicated an internal problem.

The internal parts of the hoverboard are damaged. Sometimes a faulty charging port can possess the issue of hoverboard not turning on.

The faulty ports prevent hoverboard charging on, the faulty charger is another common issue in cheap hoverboards. So, always buy a standard expensive hoverboard with the branded name.

The sturdy reliable hoverboard would not showcase such a problem; they are sturdily made with quality material and offer a better lifespan.

Check the battery:

Now, we have learned that charging was not the issue our hoverboard would not turn on. There is a reason something else and we need to find that reason. You need to access the battery and check if it is working properly or not.

There will more or less 7-9 screws that you need to take out from the bottom. You will access the battery and analyze it properly.

If you have a voltmeter near you, check the voltages first. A fully charged battery will have around 36-42 volts. If you see the voltages are lesser than 30 with a fully charged battery and the charger is working fine, then the culprit is the battery.

Now, it is confirmed that the battery was not working fine, it was facing some issues, and we need to replace this with a new one.

Keep in mind while replacing a battery, go for a quality brand. The battery is something more vulnerable and due to this, your hoverboard can catch fire.

Samsung batteries are the best catch to install in an electric scooter; they are branded and manufactured under strict safety guidelines.

Check if the wiring is not loosened?

Now, you have checked that the hoverboard is charging fine and the battery is also in the working conditions. The next thing is to check the loose wiring. We have seen many times that the loose wiring makes our Hoverboard not to turn on.

Unscrew the hoverboard, lift the case and reach to the cables. See if the writing or right pitched or not. If not, then pull them off and push them back over there. Make sure all wiring on the hoverboard is plugged properly.

We have also mentioned the entire process of calibration of a Hoverboard. If you just calibrate your hoverboard once and see if something good happens.

Trouble code issue with a Hoverboard:

If you have seen all mentioned and found no problem anywhere. Then another reason due to which I have seen many hoverboards would not turn on is the trouble code issue.

The trouble code is difficult to cope with a non-professional. To tackle the issue, one must need a professional onboard. The trouble codes are difficult and must consult someone professional to fix the issue.

I have never done and understood the way trouble codes exist and work. If ever I faced the issue, I always contacted with professionals or took my hoverboard to the service station to get the issue nailed.

So, if you are experienced or professional enough to take the issue along, get it done by yourself. Or leave it for the professionals.

Motherboard issue not letting hoverboard turn on

If anything aforementioned has not solved your issue, the final spot remains the Motherboards. Cheap hoverboard manufactures hoverboards are prone to malfunction quickly.

The kind of fault is difficult to knock off by a non-professional. To nail the issue, you need to hire some professional services. It is advised that not to attempt anything repairing on the motherboard, and let the professionals do the job.

If you need a motherboard replacement, please beware that ask for the same color motherboard. If the motherboard you ordered does not match with the hoverboard, your scooter would not turn on even with the new motherboard installed.

The Final Thought:

Hope you get the answer to why won’t my hoverboard turn on. We have explained many reasons for a hoverboard not turning on even with a sound battery and full charging. If you have been facing the issue, and the hoverboard is under warranty period, get a replacement.

If not, then you can get the issue fixed by yourself. If you still are confused and see nothing aforementioned nailing down your issue, please comment down in the section. Pour your heart out and we are there to help you out with a detailed guide.

I hope you will find this article useful, and now you have to get a detailed answer to the question of the day related to Why won’t my hoverboard turn on?

if you have any queries related to the above topic or something else, post your question below in the comment. We will give you a detailed answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck

Team – TarikSport

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